Thursday, 10 May 2018


41. Mode of feeding in free living protozoans is (DPMT 2007).
a. holozoic                 b. saprozoic
c. both (a) and (b)    d. none of these
42. Infection of Entamoeba is caused (UP- CPMT 1996, 1999).
a. by kissing
b. by wearing clothes of patient
c. by contaminated food
d. none of these
43. Choose the correct statement
a. All reptiles have a three chambered heart.
b. All Pisces have gills covered bya. operculum
c. All mammals are viviparous
d. All cyclostomes do not posses jaws and paired fin
44. Which of the following characteristics is mainly responsible for diversification of insects on land?
a. Segmentation       b. Bilateral symmetry
c. Exoskeleton        d.Eyes.
45. The primitive prokaryotes responsible for the production of biogas from the ruminant animals Include the (2016)
a. Thermoacidophiles
b. methanogens
c. Eubacteria
`d. Halophiles.

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