Thursday, 10 May 2018


36. Which class of protozoa is totally parasitic? (BHU 1994)
a. sporozoa              b. mastigophora
c. ciliate                      d. sarcodina
37. Reproduction in paramecium is controlled by (BHU 1999).
a. flagella                   b. cell wall
c. micronucleus      d. macronucleus
38. In the life cycle of plasmodium exflagellation occurs in (BHU 2007)
a. sporozoties           b. microgametes
c. macrogametes      d. signet ring
39. Excretion in Amoeba occurs through (DPMT 1997)
a. lobopodia              b. plasma membrane
uroid portion                         d. contractile vacuole
40. Method of dispersal in Amoeba is (DPMT 1995)
a. locomotion             b. encystment
c. sporulation             d. binary fission

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