Thursday, 10 May 2018


31. Taxonomic category arrange in descending order ………. (MH-01)
a. key              b. hierarchy
c. taxon           d. taxonomic category
32. In which of the animal dimorphic nucleus is found? ( PMT 2002).
a. Amoeba proteus
b. Trypanosoma gambiense
c. Plasmodium vivax
d. Paramecium caudatum
33. When a fresh-water protozoan possessing a contractile vacuole, is placed in a glass containing marine water, the vacuole will. (PMT 2004)
a. increase in number b. disappear
c. increase in size d. decrease in size
34. Which form of reproduction is correctly matched? (AIIMS 2007)
a. Euglena transvers binary fission
b. Paramecium longitudinal binary fission
c. Amoeba multiple fission
d. Plasmodium binary fission
35. The presence of two types of nuclei, a macronucleus and a micronucleus, is characteristic of protozoans are grouped under the class. (BHU 1994, 1999)
a. sporozoa               b. flagellate
c. sarcodina              d. ciliata

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