Thursday, 10 May 2018


26. Who coined the term ‘taxonomy’ ? (BVP-2003)
a. Candolle                b. Waksman
c. Leuwenhoek         d. Louis Pasteur
27. Basic unit of classification of organisms is ………. (CET-2003)
a. species      b. population
c. class            d. family
28. The unit of classification containing concrete biological entities is ………. (WARDHA-2003)
a. taxon          b. species
c. category      d. order
29. Species are considereda. ……….
a. real basic units of classification
b. the lowest units of classification
c. artificial concept of human mind which cannot be defined in absolute terms
d. real units of classification devised by taxonomists
30. The living organisms can be unexceptionally distinguished from the non-living things on the basis of their ability for ………..
a. interaction with the environment and progressive evolution
b. reproduction
c. growth and movement
d. responsiveness to touch

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