Thursday, 10 May 2018


16. Inbreeding is possible between two members of ………. (AMU-2005)
a. order           b. family
c. genus         d. species
17. Which of these is correct order of hierarchy? (WARDHA-2002)
a. kingdom, division, phylum genus & species
b. phylum, division, genus & class
c. kingdom, genus, class, phylum & division
d. phylum, kingdom, genus, species &class
18. Which is not a unit of taxonomic category? (BVP-2002)
a. series          b. glumaceae
   c. class           d. phylum
19. Which is the first step of taxonomy ? (MGIMS-2002)
a. nomenclature       b. classification
c. identification       d. hierarchical arrangement
20. The five kingdom classification was given by ………. (BYP-2002)
a. Whittaker b. Linnaeus
c. Copeland              d. Haeckel

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