Thursday, 10 May 2018


11. Binomial nomenclature was given by ………. (BHU-97)
a. Huxley       b. Ray
c. Darwin          d. Linnaeus
12. In classification the category below the level of family is ………. (CET- 98)
a. class           b. species
c. phylum       d. genus
13. Taxon is ………. (CET-2000)
a. species
b. unit of classification
c. highest rank in classification
d. group of closely related
14. One of the following includes most closely linked organisms (PMT- 2001)
a. species      b. genus
c. family          d. class
15. Which of the following taxons cover a greater number of organisms ? (PMT-2001)
a. order           b. family
c. genus         d. phylum

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