Thursday, 10 May 2018


6. Which of the following is the correct sequence in the increasing order of complexity ? (PMT-97)
 a. molecules, tissues, community, population
b. cell, tissues, community, population
c. tissues, organisms, population, community
d. molecules, tissues, community, cells
7. New systematic and the concept of life was given by (BHU-98)
           a. Huxley      b. Odom        
c. Elton          d. Linnaeus
8. Two organisms of same class but different families will be kept under the same (CET-98)
a. genera       b. species
c. order          d. family
9. Which of the following will form a new species ? (PMT-98)
a. inter breeding
b. variations
c. differential reproduction
d. none of the above
10. A community includes ………. (CET-98)
a. a group of same genera
b. a group of same population
c. a group of individuals from same species
d. different populations interacting with each other

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