Thursday, 10 May 2018


46. Methanogens belong to (2016)
a. Dino flagellates
b. Slime moulds
c. Eubacteria
d. Archaebacteria
47. Which of the following organisms is pseudocoelomate? (DPMT 2001, 2006)
a. hookworm           b. liver fluke
c. jelly fish                 d. leech
48. Which of the following is not reported to have any fresh water forms? (DPMT 2003)
a. Mollusca                b. Sponges
c. Coelenterates       d. echinoderms
49. Pseudocoelom is not found in (DPMT 2004)
a. Ascaris                   b. Ancylostoma
c. Fasciola                d. none of these
50. Animals devoid of respiratory, excretory and circulatory organs are belongs to phylum (DPMT 2004)
a. echinodermata
b. platyhelminthes
c. porifera
d. mollusca

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