Thursday, 10 May 2018


 1. The smallest taxon among the following is ……….(PMT-94)
a. class                       b. order
c. species      d. genus
2. Taxonomically a species is ………. (PMT-94)
a. A group of evolutionary related population
b. A fundamental unit in the phylogeny of organisms
c. Classical evolutionary taxonomy
d. A community taken into considerationa. an evolutionary base
3. Species is ……….
a. not related to evolution
b. specific class of evolution
c. specific unit of evolution
d. fertile specific unit in the evolutionary history of a race
4. Two words comprising the binomial nomenclature are ………. (DPMT-96)
a. Family & genus
b. order & family
c. genus & species
d. species & variety
5. A group of plants or animals with similar traits of any rank is kept under …. (PMT-96)
a. species b. genus
c. order d. taxon

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