Sunday, 9 April 2017


1Who is the inventer of RADAR?N.H. Taylor and Lio C. young
2RADAR is used toto detect and locate distant objects.
3The danger signals are red while the eye is more sensitive to yellow because.The danger signals are red while the eye is more sensitive to yellow because.
4A TV channel characterized by -Frequency of transmitted signal
5Mechanical energy is countered into electrical energyMicrophone
6Who discovered X-Rays?Roentgen
7The process by which sunlight reaches to earth.....Radiation
8The least penetrating power ray isรก-rays
9X-rays are ................. waves. 65292Electromagnetic
10Which scale is used to measure the intensity of earthquake?Richter
11The Unit of noise pollution (level) isdecibel
12The use of Decibel unit is ......Intensity of sound
13What is Decibel?Scale of sound level
14Noise is measure in?Desible
15The Permissible noise level at Residential area during time is45dB
16The range of frequency of ultrasonic wave.Greater than 20 KHz
17Wavelength of visible spectrum is -3900 A0 - 7600 A0
18Supersonic air plane creates a shock wave calledSonic Boom
19In a Filament type Light bulb most of the electric power consumed appear asInfrared rays
20Pitch of a sound depends upon its -Frequency
21What is the working principle of stethoscope?Reflection of Sound
22Which instrument can be used to study the wave form of a signal?Oscilloscope
23Which atmospheric Layer is used for the transmission of radio waves?Ionosphere
24A body in uniform motion with uniform speed- 72 0May have uniform velocity
25In Radio Communication, the signals emitted by transmitting antenna are reflected onIonosphere
26The purpose of choke in a fluorescent lamp is -to decrease the flow of current
27A person is Hurt on Kicking stone due to -Reaction
28A cycle type bursts suddenly. This represent an -Isothermal Process
29The apparent weight of a man in a lift is less than the real weight thenWhen the lift is going down with acceleration.
30Lubricant oil is used in vehicle to -to decrease the friction
31Flywheel is an important part of a steam engine becausehelps the engine in keeping speed uniform.
32The spoon dropped by an astronaut in a satellite willContinue to flow the motion of satellite
33Ball pen act on the principle of -Gravitation
34According to special theory of relativity the mass of a particle -Increases with increase in velocity
35Humidity is measured by -Hygrometer
36Anemometer is used to measure-Speed of wind
37Purity of Milk is measured by -Lactometer
38Dimension of Universal Gravitational constant is -M-1L3T-2
39The dimensional formula ML-1T-2 corresponds to -Modulus of Elasticity
40When water freezes its density is -decreases
41Cream gets separated out from milk when it is churned. This is due to-Centrifugal Force
42Newton's 1st law of motion gives the concept of -Inertia
43What is the working principle of Rocket?Newton's 3rd Law
44For a missile Launched with A velocity Less than the escape velocity of earth, the total energy isNegative
45Cooking of Rice is Harder -Top of Mountains
46Water boils at low temperature on mountains because-Atmospheric pressure is less at mountains.
47Rice is cooked more quickly in a pressure cooker because -water boils at Higher temperature.
48Time period of Revolution for a Geo-stationary satellite is-24 Hours
49What is the Height of a Geo-Stationary satellite from the surface of earth?36,000 km (nearly)
50Water drop cannot stick to the oily surface due tolack of adhesive force

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