Sunday, 9 April 2017


1Light Waves are -electromagnetic wave
2Lambert's Law is related to -Illumination
3Time taken by the Sun Light to reach at earth8.3 mint.
4Ozone in outer atmosphere Helps us-In absorbing the Ultra violet radiations.
5Distant objects are visible as a little out of focus in the condition:Myopia
6What is a zoom lens?Alens with a transitional focal length
7Dioptre is the unit ofPower of lens
8Near Point for Long sightedness defected person is-More than 25cm
9Plate of Blue glass appears blue in sunlight because -transmits the blue colour
10For total internal reflection, ray of Light Has to pass through -Glass to water
11The word 'Insolation' means - 0 65292Incoming solar radiation
12Twinkling of stars is due to -Atmospheric Refraction
13Light beam which is highly directional is called:Laser
14Maximum biological damage occours due to -Gama Rays
15To eliminate the glare of headlight in motorcars-Polaroid's are used.
16Light House are placed with powerful Lights to -72Light House are placed with powerful Lights to-
171st Law of thermodynamics is normally related toLaw of conservation of energy
18Why white cloths are cooler as compare to black cloths?They reflects the whole light
19At the Highest value of black body radiations, it wavelength -Decreases with increasing temperature.
20A white and smooth surface is -Bad absorber and good reflector of Heat.
21Unit of plank's constant is -JS
22Heat of a Reaction does not depends upon -Physical state of product and Reactant
23Soldering of two metals is possible due to the property-Cohesion
24Freezing Point of Fresh water is00C
25Lake Freeze in cold countries in winter, leaving the water underneath at -40F
26Kilo watt - Hour is a unit of -Energy
27Relative Humidity is Expressed in terms of -Percent
28To produce the Low temperature which of the following principle is used. -A d i a b a t i c D e m a g n e t i z a t i o n Process
29Rate of cooling depends upon which factor?Temperature difference between body and its surrounding
30Refrigerator Protects the food from contamination because -At its Low temperature Bacteria and Fungus becomes non-reactive
31Therm is the unit of -Heat
32Why Boiling Point of water decrease with Altitude?Low atmospheric pressure
33Density of water is 1G/CC. it is strictly valid at -40C
34Why clouds are float in atmosphere?Low density
35A real Gas can act as an ideal gas at -Low pressure and High temperature
36Cryogenic Science is related to -Lower temperature
37The Hottest part of Gas Flame is known as - [Non-luminous zone
38To measure very High temperature we use - 65292Thermo electric pyrometer
39Minimum temperature is measure by -Alcohol Thermometer
40Heat stored in water vapors is -Latent Heat
41A Body absorb Maximum amount Heat, when it is-Black and Rough
42Water is used in Heated water polyethenes because -Its specific Heat is more.
43Temperature inversion is -Positive Lapse Rate
44Ice is packed in sawdust because -72 0Sawdust is a poor conductor of Heat.
45When a stone is thrown is calm water of a pond wave produced are-Both Longitudinal and transverse waves
46Ultra violet radiations has more energy as compare to -Infrared Rays
47Time period of second pendulum is -2 sec
48What is the motion which repeated in self after a regular interval of time?Simple Harmonic Motion
49Ultraviolet rays can be used in water treatment as...Disinfectant
50The device used for measuring the wavelength of X-rays is:Bragg Spectrometer

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