Sunday, 9 April 2017


1Water should not be used to extinguish fire caused by Electricity, because -It may cause electrocution
2Metal used for the manufacturing of Lighting conductor is -Copper
3The negative Feedback in amplifier - 65292Increase in band width in and decrease in noise.
4Photoelectric cell converts -72 0Light energy into Electric energy.
5What is the working principle of solar cells?Photoelectric effect
6In A.C. circuits A.C. meter measures -Rms value
7SI Unit of electric charge is -Coulomb
8Who discovered the battery?Volta
9What is the unit of electric Power?Watt
10Alternating current is converted into direct current by using -Rectifier
11Fleming is Right Hand Rule is used to find the direction of -Induced Current
12Instrument used to change the speed of Electric fan -Regulator
13Best Liquid for the Transformer core is-Soft Iron
14Transformer is used for -To increase the A.C. voltage
15The filament of electric bulb is made up of-Tungsten
16For the filament of electric bulb tungsten is used because-Its Melting point is very high
17What is filled inside an electric bulb?Argon
18A fuse wire can be indentify due to the properties-High Resistivity and minimum melting point
19Intensity of Magnetic field is-Ampere/meter
20The device which is used to store the electric charge is called-Capacitor
21If the Length of a Resistance wire increase, then its resistance -increases
22It a spoon is to be electroplated with nickel the spoon is.Made spoon cathode and pure nickel rod anode.
23If a Magnet has third pole, then the third pole is called-consequent pole
24Electrostatic Precipitator is used to control the -Air Pollution
25Instruments can be shielded from the outside magnetic effect by surrounding them with-Rubber shield
26The threshold frequency is the frequency below which-Photoelectric emission is not possible
27Electron Microscope is more magnifier than light microscope because -65292Wavelength of electron is less than the wavelength of light
28Primary colurs in a visual display unit are -Red, Green, Blue
29Concave Lens always forms the image -Virtual and eject
30Atomic clock transitions depends upon the -Cesium
31What is a magnifying Lens?72 0Concave lens with a small focal length
32In Real Magnifying Lens is a -Convex lens
33What is a Hologram?A3DShadowtoreproduce the Photographic Record
34What is the working principle of periscope?Reflection
35Strongest force in nature is -Nuclear Force
36Optical fiber is based upon the principle -Total internal Reflection
37Who invented the optical fiber?Narinder Kapany
38What is the working principle of optical fiber?Total internal reflection
39Sky appears to an astronaut-Black
40Total internal reflection cannot occur, when light-From water to glass
41Colour of sky is blue to -Scattering of shorter wavelength of sunlight in the atmosphere
42The phenomenon related to the production of blue colour in the sky is-Scattering
43Formation of Rainbow is due to -Refraction and Reflection of Light
44The instrument used to see the distant objects on the earth is -Terrestrial Telescope
45The pond appears shallower from its real depth due to -Refraction
46A water tank appears Shallower when it is viewed from top due to -Refraction of Light
47Which mirror is used as a rear view mirror in vehicles?Convex
48Speed of Light is -3×108 m/s
49Which type of energy transformation occours during Photosynthesis?Solar energy into Chemical Energy
50Who invernted the Microscope?Jode Johmson

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