Sunday, 9 April 2017


1In India, who was the first to put forward the theory that the earth revolves round the sun?Aryabhatta
2A metal sheet with circular hole is heated. what change will be in the hole?It will Expand
3By inserting a soft iron piece into solenoid, what does the strength of the magnetic field?72 0Increase
4How is the electric potential at the centre of a charged conductor?Same as on the surface
5Who invented the laser?Charles H. Townes
6Which alloys is used for making magnets?Alnico
7One calorie is the heat required to raise the temperature of 1g of water by how many degrees?1°C
8What is the Mode of transmission of heat in which heat carried by a moving particles?Convection
9Which electromagnetic radiation is most prevalent in the atmosphere?Infrared
10Which scientist shared the Nobel Prize in Physics with his son?William Henry Bragg
11The sun is visible a little before the actual sunrise because of which reaction?Atmospheric refraction
12In nuclear fission, how many percentage of mass is converted into energy?0.10%
13Which property is processed by the ferromagnetic substance?Hysterasis
14A car is running on a road at a uniform speed of 60 km/hr. What is the net resultant force on the car?Equal to zero
15Critical criteria for the location of an aluminium plant in India are the availability of which things?Bauxite and electricity
16How many electrons will have a charge of one coulomb?6.25 × 1018e
17Which quantity remains constant in a step-down transformer?Power
18What is the approximate equatorial circumference of the earth?40,000 Km
19Which forces is most powerful in determining movement of wind including its velocity?Pressure gradient force
20What is the number of basic units in the International System of Units?7
21If you swim one km, how many miles do you swim?0.62
22The ratio of the inertial mass to gravitational mass is equal to which number?1
23What is the most abundant element on the earth's crust by weight?Oxygen
24Where is the intensity of the earth's gravitational field maximum?At the pole
25By whom wwere the Saturn rings were discovered?Galileo
26The refractive index of a piece of transparent quartz is the greatest for which light? 65292Violet light
27Why is a water tank appears shallower when it is viewed from top?Due to Refraction
28One horse power is equal to howmany watts?746 watts
29How many image will be formed if two mirrors are fitted adjacent walls and one mirror on ceiling?7
30Which are the materials that come out of a volcano at the time of eruption?Solid, liquid, gaseous
31What is formed during Kerb's cycle?Fumaric acid
32In storms, the roofs of some houses are carried away. According whom is this?Bernoulli's principle
33Why is phenomenon of mirage?72 0Due to total internal reflection
34Which is the gas used to extinguish fire?Carbon dioxide
35Which waves are used for a communication through artificial satellites?Microwaves
36What is the temperature at which the speed of sound in air becomes double its value of 0°C?819°C
37What is the vertical component of earth's magnetic field?
38The western disturbances which cause rain in north west India originate which sea?Mediterranean Sea
39Territorial waters of India extends upto how many nautical miles?12
40What is the ultimate cause of water movement in a plant stem against gravity?Osmosis
41How can the quantity of water vapour the atmosphere hold increases?With increase of temperature
42The focal length of the lens in a photographic camera is 5 cm. What is the power of the lens?+ 20 D
43Which climatic region has the least temperature range?Equatorial region
44Which instrument meant for measuring the rate of respiration?Respirometer
45A substance, when inserted between the poles of a magnet, is pushed out, what is it?Diamagnetic
46What is termed as the period of high inflation and low economic growth?Stagflation
47How are the temperatures in equatorial regions between July and January?The same
48The first explosion of an atomic device in India was carried out in which state?Rajasthan
49The working of optical is based on which of electromagnetic waves?Total internal reflection
50Where is the Monsoon effect is also experienced?East Africa

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