Sunday, 9 April 2017


1According to the latest figures, literacy in India is-65%
2According to the latest figures of census 2011, the child-sex ration in India is-914
3In which state, female literacy rate is the highest-Kerala
4First port developed after independence was-Kandla
5Which is the highest gravity dam in the world-Bhakra Dam
6Which is the highest dam of India-Bhakra
7The largest dam in India is constructed on which river-Sutlej
8The construction of Tehri dam is done across which river-Bhagirathi
9Tehri hydro power complex is constructed on which of the following rivers-Bhagirathi
10The contribution of hydro-power in India' total power is almost-One-fifth
11The name of India' biggest irrigation canal is-Indira Gandhi canal
12Indira Gandhi canal gets water from which river-Sutlej and Vyas
13Which pairs is correct in context of thermal power projects-Kawas-Gujarat
14Nagarjuna Sagar dam is constructed on which river-Krishna
15On which River, Nagarjuna Sagar project is built across-Narmada
16In which state ,the Koyna Hydro-Power Project is located-Maharashtra
17The oldest river valley project in India is-Damodar
18The longest dam in India is-Hirakund Dam
19Which was the firstly constructed nuclear power plant in India-Tarapur
20Which hydro power projects is not in Tamil Nadu-Iddukki
21In which places, power is generated through hydro power-Mettur
22In which state, Salal Hydro Power Project is located-Jammu and Kashmir
23Umium Hydro Power Project dam is located few kilometres north to which of the following-65292Shilong
24Which canals is located in west Bengal-Edan Canal
25Which states are related with the dispute of "Mullaiperiyar dam"-Tamil Nadu and Kerala
26The irrigation of which states is done by Rihand dam project-0Uttar Pradesh and Bihar
27There is a project in India similar to T.V.A.(Tenacy Valley Authority) of USA, it is-Damodar Valley Project
28The composition of late rite soils in higher areas is-Acidic
29Laterite soil is found in which of the following states-Kerala, Maharashtra
30Laterite soil is found in areas of-Dry and humid tropical areas
31How can soil erosion be controlled on hill slopes?linear contour plowing
32The soil of northern plains of India is formed by-Aggradation
33Which soil is the best for the production of cotton-Black soil
34Which soil is best for cotton cultivation-Black
35Which crops grown in alluvial soil requires huge amount of water-Rice
36Another name of acid or alkaline soils is-Kallar
37Which is the state with maximum area of unusable land-Rajasthan
38Petrology is the study of -Rock
39Salinity of soil is measured by-Electrical conductivity meter
40The border of which district of Himachal Pradesh touches the border of China-Kinnaur
41Which is the largest union territory of India-Andaman and Nicobar Islands
42Which state is the protectorate of India-Sikkim
43Which states' land is situated on eastern and western coasts-Puducherry
44The area of which state is the largest in India-Rajasthan
45The coast line of which of the Indian states is longest-Andhra Pradesh
46In India coastal line of which state is the longest-Gujarat
47Coast line of India is-7500km
48Where is Lakshadweep islands located-Arabian Sea
49Howmany islands are there in Lakshadweep -36
50Andaman and Nicobar islands are separated by which of the followings-Ten degree channel

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