Sunday, 9 April 2017


1Zoji la pass connects-Srinagar and Leh
2Kullu Valley is located in amongDhauladhar and pir panjal
3Kullu valley is located among which mountain ranges-Dhauladhar and pir panjal
4A pass in Himachal Pradesh is -Shipki la
5Palakkad gap connects which states-Kerala and Tamil Nadu
6Which Himalayan peak is also called as Sagarmatha-Mt. Everest
7Which is the eastern most peak of Himalaya-Namacha Barwa
8Godwin Austin is a -Peak
9Which is the highest peak in India-K-2 (Godwin Austin)
10Which mountain is not the part of Himalayan range-Aravalli
11What is another name of greater Himalayas-0 65292Himadri
12Nag Tibba and Mahabharat mountain ranges are included in-Lesser Himalayan
13Which is known as Sahyadri Mountain-Western ghat
14Which is the highest plateau in India-Ladakh plateau
15The gap of a Mountain which provides natural path is known as-Pass
16The highest mountain peak of peninsular India is-Annaimudi
17Where is Annaimudi peak located-Sahyadri
18Which is the highest peak-Nangaparvat
19Which mountain range is located in India-Pir Panjal
20Which hill station is known as the "Queen of Satpura"-Panchmarhi
21A hydro power project on Lake Loktak is situated in which state-Manipur
22Where is Lonar Lake situated-Maharashtra
23Which is the largest man made lake-Gobind Sagar
24Naga, Khasi and Garo hills are located in-Eastern range
25Shivanasamudram falls is situated on the bank of which river-Kaveri
26Baltoro glacier is located in-Karakoram mountain range
27The highest waterfall of India is located in which of the states-Karnataka
28Which is the highest waterfall in India -Jog falls
29Highest waterfall in India is -Gersoppa falls
30The energy generated through coal commercially is called-Thermal Energy
31Which is untraditional sources of energy-Biogas
32Which is a renewable source of energy-Water
33Growth rate of population means-Difference between birth rate and death rate
34Birth rate measures the births during an year per-1000 populace
35Which Indian states has the most no. of scheduled tribal population-Madhya Pradesh
36In India, the state with highest density of population in one km square is-West Bengal
37In India, the state with high dense population is-Bihar
38As per the census 2011, what is the density in India-382
39Find the name of the state which has the lowest density-65292Arunachal Pradesh
40ccording to census2001, the highest density of population is in the state of-Delhi
41According to census2011, which state records the highest density-Delhi
42Which is called the biggest leap forward in the history of Indian population-1961-1971
43Which decade recorded the lowest growth rate in population of India-1911-21
44The Indian state with lowest sex- ratio is-Haryana
45Which union territory ranks last in minimum sex-ratio-Chandigarh
46Which of the Indian state recorded the highest growth rate in Celsus 2001-Nagaland
47According to census 2001, what was the percentage of population in total population below the age of 40-075
48Which state of India has the largest percentage of poor-Orissa
49What percentage of Indian population is below poverty line-Less than 30%
50The most literate union territory in India is-Lakshadweep

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