Saturday, 8 April 2017


1Which city is the centre for manufacturing of penicillin-Pimpari
2In which cities, Hindustan machine and tool industry is located-Bengaluru
3Talcher is important for which of the following-Heavy water plant
4In which states, fertilizer complex "Paradip phosphate ltd" is located-Orissa
5Which organization composes Topographic map of IndiaSurvey of India
6Eastern coastal plain is also named as-0Coromandal coastal plains
7The standard meridian of India is82.5 E longitude
8Indian standard time is ahead of Greenwich Mean Time by-5.30 hours
9Which cities located on northern most latitude-Patna
10What is the name of India's southern tip-Indira point
11Southern tip of India is called-Indira point
12Which is the last point of Southern India-Indira point
13In terms of area India is ___ largest nation in the world-Seventh
14Area of India is ____times larger than the area of Pakistan-4
15Indian subcontinent was mainly a part of -Gondwanaland
16Which of the nations are connected with Palk strait-India and Sri Lanka
17Which of the ports is not a natural port-Chennai
18What is the name of India's permanent research station in southern hemisphere Antarctica-Dakshin Gangotri
19Jadugora is famous for-Mining of Uranium
20Huge diposit of uranium are found recently in-Andhra Pradesh
21Where is the biggest reserve of mica-In India
22Main mineral found in upper Brahmaputra valley is-Petroleum
23Raniganj in west Bengal is concerned with-Coal
24Where is the largest deposits of coal-Jharkhand
25Which is the largest producer of lignite in India-Tamilnadu
26"Panna" is an important place in Madhya Pradesh. it is famous for mines of-Diamond
27Diamond mines are found in - 65292Panna in Madhya Pradesh
28Which is the destination of the slurry brought by pipeline from Kundremukh-Mangalore
29India mainly exports iron ore to which country-Japan
30Kheri is famous for-Copper
31Where is the oldest working refinery-Digboi
32First refinery in India was established in-Digboi
33Total number of refinery working in Assam is/are-Four
34"Mumbai High" is related to-Petroleum
35Where is Mumbai high located-0Continental shelf of Arabian sea
36Why have the incidents of flood risen in India recently-Deforestation in drainage zone
37In India, the latest addition in the list of UNESCO's world heritage site is-Red Fort
38Which hill station' name means "The place of thunderbolt"-Darjeeling
39Which places is in the list of UNESCO world heritage sites-Goa Velha Cathedral
40Apatani is a tribal group of which of the following states-Arunachal Pradesh
41When did India adopt the international tsunami warning system-2006
42Which shipyards builds ships for Indian navy-Cochin Shipyard
43Where is India's satellite launch centre-Shriharikota
44Where is Bhabha atomic research centre-Chennai
45Which is an example of monopoly-Indian Railway
46National flood commission is related to-Flood
47The reason behind the declining climate of Maldives is -High population density
48The study of lakes is called-Limnology
49Find the odd one -Bolson
50Which is inducted in the list of world heritage sites of UNESCO-Sundarban national park

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