Saturday, 8 April 2017


1How many ports are there in Indian-12
2Organisation mainly related with environment planning is -NEERI
3Silent valley is located in-Kerala
4Silent valley is located in which state-Kerala
5Which kind of forests is found in silent valley of Kerala-Tropical rain forest
6"Valley of flowers" is located in which state-Uttarakhand
7Which is the first national park of India-Corbett National Park
8How much geographical area of India is forest land-20%
9In terms of area, which of the following Indian states has the largest forest cover-Madhya Pradesh
10Which states has the highest percentage of forest cover-Manipur
11Which states has the highest percentage of forest cover-Mizoram
12Which state has the highest percentage of forests-Mizoram
13Forest of Sunderban is called as-Mangrove forest
14Mangrove forests of Ganga delta are known as-Sundarban
15Bharatpur bird sanctuary is located in which state-Rajasthan
16Which is a famous bird sanctuary located in Haryana-Sultanpur
17Namdapha is a national park in-Arunachal Pradesh
18This is the only sanctuary where Kashmiri Deers are found-Dachigam
19Which bio-reserves in India is the natural habitat for lions-Gir Bio-Reserve
20Where are famous "Gir" forests located-Gujarat
21Which is the largest biosphere reserve of India-Gulf of Mannar
22Which forest is grown in waterlogged areas-Mangrove
23Silent valley of Kerala - 65292Has rare species of flora and fauna.
24Heritiera Fomes (Sundari tree) is a type of which of the following plants-Tidal forest
25Manas wildlife sanctuary is located in which state-Assam
26Which was the first scheme of "Biosphere Reserve Areas"-72 0Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve
27Which is considered as the "forest of world heritage"-Sundarban in west Bengal
28India' biosphere reserve Nanda Devi (UNESCO) is located in which state-Uttarakhand
29In which wildlife sanctuaries of India, where project of conservation of rhinos is underway-Kaziranga
30Kaziranga national park is famous for which of the following-Rhinos
31Sea-cow is found in which of the following biosphere reserve of India-Gulf of Mannar
32Kanchenjunga national park is located in-Sikkim
33Shivpuri national park of Madhya Pradesh is famous for which of the following-Leopard and spotted deer
34Where is Panchmari biosphere reserve located-Madhya Pradesh
35Where is Kanha national park-Madhya Pradesh
36World's only floating National park is located in -Manipur
37Where is world's only floating national park "Keibul Lamjao"-Manipur
38Where is Nagarhole national park-Karnataka
39Rain forests in India are found in-North-eastern Himalaya and western ghat
40Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary is famous for-Tiger
41Total number of biosphere reserves in India are-18
42When was the first biosphere reserve established in India-Nilgiri
43"Central India Teak" is an example of -Moist deciduous forest
44Which is a commonly founded plant in tropical deciduous forest-Orchid
45Where is the "Willow" of the cricket bat derived from-Mountain forest
46Resin is a product of which of the following-Coniferous trees
47Kugti wildlife sanctuary is located in which of the following states-Himachal Pradesh
48The most dangerous effect of excessive deforestation is-65292Destruction of habitat of wild animals
49"Chipko Andolan" is related to whom-Conservation of forests
50Afforestation is the process of-Plantation

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