Saturday, 8 April 2017


1Yellow revolution in India is related to-Oilseed Production
2As per the classification by agriculture ministry, how many agro-climatic zones are in India-127
3Find the incorrect pair-Peanut-Bihar
4BT seed is related to-Cotton
5Social forestry is-65292Growing and managing useful plants on public land
6The most part of irrigated area in India is cultivated of-Sugercane
7Which states is considered as the traditional area for tank irrigation in India-Tamilnadu
8In which of the area of India, non-irrigated farming is performed-Deccan plateau
9What percent of Indian terrain receive annual rainfall below 75 cm-35%
10The driest part of India is-Western Rajasthan
11The climate of India is-Monsoonal
12Which areas of Indian subcontinent becomes the area of low pressure in summers-North Western India
13The coastal Andhra Pradesh and Orissa have to face which of the following natural calamity-72 0Cyclone
14Which receive, heavy rainfall in the months of October and November-Coromandal Coast
15Which receives rainfall by north-eastern monsoon-Tamil Nadu
16Where does the heat come in the environment-Radiation
17What is the nature of monsoon rain from Guwahati to Chandigarh-Diminishing nature
18Which places is the most humid place of India-Mawsynram
19The place to receive annual rainfall below 50cm is-Leh in Kashmir
20Paddy fields of India are located in the areas of ____annual rainfall-100 cm
21The fertile land between two rivers is called-Doab
22Which is the highest river basin of peninsular India-Krishna
23Which is the longest river of peninsular India-Godavari
24Which river of India is also known as Vridha Ganga-Godavari
25Which rivers is known as "Dakshin Ganga"-Godavari
26Nasik is located on the banks of which river-Godavari
27Which rivers originates out of India-Brahmaputra
28Which is the river known as tsangpo in Tibet-Brahmaputra
29Point of origin of Indus River is-Mount Kailash
30Which rivers is beyond the Himalaya-Sutlej
31Which of the rivers does not originate in Indian territory-Sutlej
32Which rivers originates beyond Himalaya-Indus
33Which river is known as "open sewer" in India-Yamuna
34Town located on the confluence of river Bhagirathi and Alaknanda is-Devprayag
35Where do river Bhagirathi and Alaknanda meet-Devprayag
36Where is the confluence of river Alaknanda and Bhagirathi-Devprayag
37Which of the following rivers flows from the sediments in India-Ganga
38Which of the following rivers is famous for changing its path-Kosi
39The sorrow of Bihar is-Kosi
40In north-east India, river flows out of the country is-Brahmaputra
41Which rivers flow from south to north direction-Son
42Which rivers forms estuary -Narmada
43Vijayawada is located on the banks of which river-Krishna
44Which river flows between Satpura and Vindhya-0 65292Narmada
45Which rivers flows between Vindhya and Satpura ranges-Narmada
46Surat is located on the banks of which river-Tapti
47An important river of Indian desert is-Luni
48Flash flood is related with which of the following-Cyclonic storm
49Which is an artificial Harbour of India-Chennai or madras
50Majuli, world's largest river island is located in which state-Assam

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