Saturday, 8 April 2017


1How old id earth, it is decided by which processes-Radiometric dating
2Which is called red planet-Mars
3Answer the name of first Asian country to reach the orbit of mars-India
4Which o is called "blue planet"-Earth
5The light of sun takes how much time to reach to earth-8 minutes 20 seconds
6The light of sun reaches to the surface of earth in-8 minutes 16.6 sec
7Synchronous satellite moves around earth from-West to East
8In which areas, the "midnight sun" can be seen-0Arctic and Antarctica circle
9The darkest part of the shadow during eclipse is-Umbra
10Low tides are-Weak
11Which celestial body contains helium-4 in abundance-Earth
12Earth is tilted on its axis-23.5 degree
13Days and nights are similar here-Equator
14What is "supernova"-Meteor
15Edible crops include-Food grains, Pulses, Oilseeds
16Practice of shifting cultivation is used in-Nagaland
17"Jhoom" is -A type of cultivation
18Which type of wheat is farmed in India-Bread Wheat
19Madhya Pradesh is the biggest producer of -Oilseeds
20Step farming is performed on-Slopes of Hills
21Asnwer the crop which is produced largly in India-Rice
22Which is the most arable crop in India-Rice
23What is the name of the largest coffee producing state in India-Karnataka
24In terms of money, which spice is exported most from India-Dry Red Chilli
25Crop, cultivated in Zaid season is-Watermelon
26Zaid crops are-Substitute crops which are cropped when regular crops fail to grow
27State in highest production of mustard seed is -Rajasthan
28Topograpghy of plateau is best for-Mining
29Which is a cash crop in India-0 65292Gram
30Plantation agriculture produces-Plantation crops
31The share of food crops in India's total production is almost-70%
32Which states is the largest wheat producing state in India-Uttar Pradesh
33Which state is a jute abundant state-West Bengal
34Which is the main competitor of India in Juta production-Bangladesh
35Where is the maximum area of jute production in India-West Bengal
36What is the rank of India in milk production in the world-First
37Turpentine oil is obtained from where-Pine tree
38Term "Green Revolution" is used to show higher production of-72Per hectare agricultural putput
39Green revolution was most successful in-Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh
40Green revolution is related to which-Wheat
41Another name of green revolution in India is-Seed, Fertilizer and Irrigation revolution
42HYV is also known _______ in India-New Agricultural Policy
43Which state of India is known as "Suger Bowl"-Uttar Pradesh
44Which state in India is known as "Rice Bowl"-Andhra Pradesh
45Which factors affects the agriculture in India-Rain
46"Operation Flood" is related to which-Milk Production
47"White Revolution" is related to-Milk Production
48Area of the food crops in total area of cropping in India is-60 -70%
49What is the percentage of Indian population engaged in agriculture-60%
50Blue revolution is related to-Fish production

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