Saturday, 8 April 2017


1Metamorphism of shale occurs in which of the following rocks-Slate
2What is the incident of movement of landmass and rockfalls-Landslide
3What is the name of the sand mound formed by high speed of wind-Dune
4Where does moraine form-Glacial region
5Which geomorphic pairs is not correct-Pores-air
6Soil factors are also known as-Edaphic factors
7Black soil is related to which of the following crops-Cotton
8What is the name of the soil, rich in calcium-Pedocal
9Gray soil, like the ash of pine forest, is also knowns as-Podzol
10Which is the best suited soil for the cultivation of rice-Alluvial soil
11Red colour of red soil is due to-Iron
12The soil which bleaches quickly due to rain, is called-Laterite
13Which is a bio-method of soil erosion-Contour farming
14Plantation in a huge manner to prevent soil erosion is called-Shelter belts
15Soil erosion in desert area can be prevented -Forestation
16Trans-Siberian railway connects ______in west to ______in east-St. Petersburg, Vladivostok
17The terminal of trans-Siberian railways are-St. Petersburg and Vladivostok
18The country with biggest rail network is-USA
19The rank of Indian rail network in the world is-Fourth
20World's highest civilian airport is in-China
21Which is world's largest mining port-Hedland
22World's busiest and the most important shipping route is-North Atlantic
23The busiest trading ocean route is-0 65292Atlantic Ocean
24Panama canal is different from Suez canal because-It is a lock system
25Which are related with "Red Indian"-North America
26Which tribes performs animal husbandry-Masai
27Pale colour, medium height, epicanthic eye are the characteristics of -Mongoloid
28Milky way galaxy was first seen by-Galileo
29Who founded the word "geography"-Eratosthenes
30Comets moves around the-Sun
31Earth, from the sun, is at the maximum distance on -Jul-04
32What is the total number of planets move around the sun-Eight
33Which is the largest planet-Jupitar
34The largest planet of the solar system is-Jupitar
35The number of satellite of mercury is/are-0
36What is the number of days in an year in mercury-88
37Which is the nearest planet to sun-Mercury
38The orbit of which planet is nearest to sun-Mars
39Which celestial bodies is located farthermost to earth-Pluto
40Which is the brightest planet of the solar system-Venus
41Which is the hottest planet in the solar system-65292Venus
42Which planet is as big as earth in our solar system-Venus
43Which planet shows the phases like moon-Venus
44In how many parts the shadow of earth is divided during solar or lunar eclipse-Two
45Which star is nearest to earth-Sun
46On which day, earth is closest to sun-03-Jan
47After sun, which is the closest star to earth-Proximacentauri
48The surface temperature of sun is measured-60000 c
49Outer most layer of sun is called as -Corona
50The energy of sun is vested in which process-Nuclear Fusion

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