Wednesday, 5 April 2017


1Prairies of north America are-Temperate grasslands
2Temperate grasslands of north America are known as-Prairie
3Which biomes is known as "breadbasket of the world"-Mid latitude grassland
4Tropical grasslands are called-Savanna
5Llanos are the grassland of -Guyana Highland
6Word "steppe" is related to biomes-Grassland
7Which resources is abiotic and renewable-Water
8The best quality coal is -Anthracite
9White coal is-Hydropower
10Which mineral is an ore of Aluminium-Bauxite
11The largest gold producing country in the world is-Russia
12Which countries has the 50% share of world coal deposits-America, Russia and China
13The resources, which can be used again and again are called-0 65292Renewable
14Granite stone, used in construction work is a -Igneous Rock
15Dolomite is-Sedimentary Rock
16Which is largely used in cement industry-Lime Stone
17The headquarter of petroleum exporting countries is located in-Vienna
18Find the odd-Power
19Which is the largest producer of wool in the world-China
20Which countries is world's biggest producer of wool-Australia
21Which is the largest producer of wool in the world-Australia
22The largest copper producing country of Africa is-Zambia
23Which is an important copper producing country-Chile
24Which industry is based on raw-material-Sugar Industry
25Which geological ages is latest age-Cretaceous
26In which countries, drip irrigation is used very efficiently-Israel
27Which separates Asia and Africa-Suez Canal
28Who discovered south pole-Amundsen
29Name of Indian research station north pole is-Himadri
30Ozone hole over Antarctica was discovered in-1985
31The capital of South Sudan is-Juba
32Peso is the currency of which country-Mexico
33Yen is the currency of-Japan
34What is the currency of Saudi Arabia-Riyal
35Who discovered America-Columbus
36Who discovered cape of good hope in 1488-Bartolomeu Dias
37How much part of earth's surface is desert-1/3rd
38Name the first Asian country, reached in the orbit of mars-India
39When total land is divided by total land, we get-Population density
40Density of population in any region is measured by numbers of-People
41Which countries has the largest Muslim population-Indonesia
42The reserved area for the conservation of wild life is called-Sanctuary
43Which are related with "Lithosphere"-Earth's crust
44In which type of topography, water recharge pores are found-0 65292Karst Topograpgy
45The breaking up of the rocks at its place is known as-Withering
46Coral reefs are a specimen of -Tropical rain forest
47Pits, formed by the deflating action of wind are called-Blowouts
48Which are metamorphic rocks-Gneiss and schist
49Which rocks has formed the earth crust-Igneous
50Which is an example of Abyssal Ingenous rock-Granite

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