Wednesday, 5 April 2017


1Which border line separates India from Pakistan-Radcliffe line
2The nations, separated by Mc-mohan line are-China and India
3Himalayan mountain range is an example of which of the followings-fold mountains
4Which cities is known as "eternal city"-0 65292Rome
5Which is the largest desert of the world-Sahara
6In which part of Africa, Sahara desert is located-Northern
7Which is the largest desert of the world-Sahara
8The lake created by Aswan dam in Africa is-Nasser
9Indian desert is known as-Thar
10Which cities is the capital of desert country Mali-Bamako
11Which is the largest country (in area)-Russia
12India's neighbour country with minimum area is-Bhutan
13New name of Burma is Myanmar and its capital is -Naypyidaw
14Corsica island is related to-Napoleon Bonaparte
15Heligoland is an archipelago of which of the following nations-Germany
16"Dark continent" is-Africa
17"Tin Bigha" corridor connects-Bangladesh and India
18Greenland is the largest island of the is an integral part of-Denmark
19Which is the largest island of the world-Greenland
20Which countries shares the longest border with India-Bangladesh
21Which is the smallest (in area) member of united nations-Seychelles
22Which is the smallest country (in population)-Vetican city
23What is the modern name of "Siam"-Thailand
24Which is meant by an archipelago-Island
25Famous Kruger national park is located in -South Africa
26The coast of which o countries are not touched by Arabian sea-Kenya
27In which countries, the first iron bridge was constructed-England
28Peshawar is nearer to which of the following-Khybar pass
29World's most humid continent is-South America
30Where is doldrums belt located-Near equator
31Which is the largest country of the Africa-Algeria
32What is the capital of Rwanda-Kigali
33The mountain which separates Asia and Europe is-Ural mountain
34Which of the countries is formed of various number of islands-0 65292Indonesia
35Black forest is found in-Germany
36Which is international date line-1800 longitude
37What is known as high pressure subtropical latitude-Horse latitudes
38Tropic of cancer does not pass through-Pakistan
39Equator does not pass through which of the followings-Mexico
40The imaginary lines which connects places of similar height on map, are-Contour
41Map showing the specialty of the surface of any area is called as-Relief map
42The word "isoneph" represents the lines of equal______Cloudiness
43Isobar lines show-Pressure
44Which pairs is wrong-Isohyet-humidity
45The science of drawing map is called-Cartography
46What is the art and science of making maps-Cartography
47The alignment of the lines of beginning and end is expressed by-Feasibility
48The instrument to measure the area on maps is called-Planimeter
49What is the name of the temperate grassland of south America-Pampas
50Grasslands are called pampas in-South America

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