Wednesday, 5 April 2017


1The instrument to measure the magnitude of earthquake is called-Seismograph
2What is the point below the epicentre of the earthquake-focus
3Anticline is a type of which of the followings-Fold structure
4Rift valley is created-between two rifts
5How tsunami waves are generated-Earthquake on sea surface
6The reason of formation of tsunami is-Earthquake
7The reason behind earthquake is-Tectonism
8find the odd one-Wind-turbine
9Find the odd one-basalt
10Which type of lakes are created by the volcanic activities-Volcanic lakes
11Volcanic activities are found more in-Hawai
12Environment includes-Abiotic and biotic component
13What is the cause of green house effect-carbon dioxide
14Which is an important greenhouse gas-carbon dioxide
15Which man-made calamities is social calamity-Home cremation
16What is the main natural cause of disruption of roads in hilly areas-landslide
17The cause of reduction of forest coverage is-Rising Population
18Where is the secretariat of the conference on biological diversity-Montreal
19When was world wildlife fun founded-1961
20The best example of multi embryos is-citrus
21The largest ecosystem of earth is-hydrosphere
22Where are rare plantless forest found -Tundra
23What is the percentage cover of tropical rain forests in the World-0 6529210%
24Which has the maximum rate of deforestation-Tropical Zone
25Which of the following forests is the forest with maximum bio diversity-Equatorial
26Which gives the maximum oxygen-Phytoplankton
27Ocean with largest surface area is-Pacific Ocean
28What percentage of world fresh water is stored in the form of glacier ice-70%
29Water exists in how many part of the world-70%
30Which is the biggest gulf of the world-Bay of Bangal
31Which grand bank and dagar bank are related-main fish catching zone
32The deepest surface depression on earth is-Mariana trench
33Where is world's deepest trench "Mariana trench" located-In pacific ocean
34Where is Sunda trench-Indian ocean
35Which lakes is known as "honeymoon lake"-Titicaca
36Stagnated water in the surface of lake is known as-Hypolmnion
37Which of the following sea is landlocked-Aral sea
38Marine cliffs are formed mainly due to-Ocean Currents
39What is the narrow strip which connects two waterbodies or sea or ocean-Strait
40Coast of Norway is an example of-Fjord coast
41Which is a tropical ocean current-Gulf stream
42find the odd-Dead sea
43What is coral island -Terrestrial sea
44The headland in sea is called-Peninsula
45Which separates Asia and north America-Bering Strait
46Which ocean currents is not found in Atlantic Ocean-Peru current
47In which of the oceans is Sargasso sea-Atlantic Ocean
48Mongla port is located in-Bangladesh
49Which is known as the "roof of the world"-Pamir mountains
50The narrow strip of land joining two land masses is called as-Isthmus

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