Wednesday, 5 April 2017


1Which countries is not an exporter of tea-United Kingdom
2The largest producer of coffee in the world is-Brazil
3Which is the biggest coffee producing country in the world-Brazil
4Which determines the quality of Agro-products-AGMARK
5I.R.20 is a high yielding variety of which of the followings-Rice
6The region, famous for various types of wine and champagne is-Mediterranean Sea
7Which country produces the maximum amount of timber-United States of America
8The flower bud which is used as spice, is obtained from-Clove
9In which country, slash and burn agriculture is known as "Milpa"-65292Mexico and central America
10The study of the processes of atmosphere is called as-Meteorology
11Which depletes the UV radiation on earth-Ozone
12The layer of atmosphere which reflects radio waves is-Ionosphere
13To which height, the gaseous surroundings has covered the earth's atmosphere-300km
14The heat from sun to earth is called as-Solar Radiation
15In which layer, temperature increases dramatically-Ionosphere
16Troposphere is the most warm part of the atmosphere, because-72 0it gets warm from the heat of the surface of the earth
17The ozone hole is detected in the atmosphere, where is it located-above Antarctica
18Where is ozone layer found -Stratosphere
19Earth summit was orgainsed by-UNCED
20The type of rain in humid equatorial climate is-Convectional
21Due to heavy rain, Mediterranean region is known-in winter
22Onshore breeze develops in-day
23land breeze is a cold breeze which flows from land to ___________Sea
24How can the classification of climate based region be done-distance from equator
25What is in acid rain which destroys plants-Sulphuric acid
26Dry winds (harmattan) blows in Sahara desert from-East to West
27What is the meaning of willy-willy?Tropical cyclone near Australia
28Typhoon comes in-China and Japan Sea
29Another name of hurricane in Australia is-willy-willy
30In which of the following region, it rains throughout the year-Equatorial
31The sudden decline in atmospheric pressure indicates-Storm
32Clouds float in atmosphere, because of -less density
33El-Nino is-warm ocean current
34The vertical speed of air is called-Air Current
35Which cyclones had devastated Bangladesh in November 2007-Sidr
36Fog is an example of-gas in dispersed liquid
37Somg is a Misture of-smoke and fog
38The longest river of Europe is-Volga
39Which is the largest reservoir of sweet water-Glacier
40The largest delta of the world is -Ganga delta
41Which rivers crosses the equator twice-Congo
42Which rivers crosses tropic of Capricorn twice-Limpopo river
43Which is the largest river of Asia-0 65292Yangtze river
44Rivers in "annular" pattern flow in which direction-like a ring
45In which river is "grand canyon"-Colorado
46The reason behind broadening the river valley is-Soil erosion
47Which is a characteristic of river erosion at early stage-Gorge
48The area marked by internal drainage is-Desert
49Which is a type of erosion caused by hydraulic action-flowing water
50What is the cup-shaped mouth of volcanos-Crater

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