Sunday, 30 April 2017


1Programs stored in a ROM are calledFreeware
2Icons are......commands.Picture
3A Bit refers toBinary digit
4The term API refers toApplication Program Interface
5A floppy disc can MB
6The rate at which scanning is repeated in a CRT is called.Refresh rate
7The symbols used in an assembly language areMnemonics
8The NOSHADE attribute in HTMLDisplays the line in dark grey
9Where ar programs and data to be used by the computer available?Storage
10In HTML, and tags display the enclosed text inBold
115th generation computers do not havevacuum tubes
12Where does a computer add, compare and shuffle data?CPU chip
13The letter G used in 2G Spectrum stands forGeneration
14Double is typePrimitive
15Most of the computers available today are4th generation computers a high-speed network that connect local networks in a city or town.MAN
17PDA stands for 72 0 65292Personal Digital Assistant
18The device that converts computer output for transmission over telephone lines is calledInterpreter
19A bug in a program isError
20DOS is aDisk Operating System
21One byte is equal to8 bits
22Small and cheap computers built into several home appliances are of which type?Micro computers
23What is the process of defining tables?Index definition
24What are the signals that inform the Operating System that some activity has taken place?Handlers
25Virus in a computer is aProgram that damages the computer software
26Where does a computer add, compare and shuffle data?CPU chip
27The letter G used in 2G Spectrum stands forGeneration
28Alta Vista is aSearch engine
29ATM is the abbreviation forAutomated Teller Machine
30Where was India first computer installed?Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta
31Which is the commonly used unit for measuring the speed of data transmission?Bits per second
32In which of the following areas, a spreadsheet software is more useful?Statistics
33A Groupware is aSoftware
34Microsoft Offices personal information manager isOutlook
35WIKILEAKS, a whistleblowers website is an international organization based inSweden
36A parallel port is most often used by aPrinter
37The first operational electronic digital computer isENIAC
38DTP stands forDesk Top Publishing
391024 bytes equals1KB
40The term 'PC-XT' refers to.Personal Computer Expanded Technology
41Processors speed of a computer is measured inMIPS
42C language is aHigh level language
43Window 7, the latest Operating System from Microsoft Corporation has..... Indian languages fonts.49
44In a 14" TV or computer monitor, the dimension of 14" stands forThe diagonal of the screen
45Who is called the Father of Computer?Charles Babbage
46LAN stands forLocal Area Network
47WLL stands forWireless in Local Loop
48The term PC meansPersonal Computer
49Nano technology deals with objects with dimensions in the range of10-9 m
50A computer virus is 72 0 65292A special kind of computer program


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