Sunday, 30 April 2017


1What is the highest title in judo-10th Dan
2Dronacharya awards are awarded to-Excellent Coaches
3Gagan Narang, who was recommended for the Rajeev Gandhi khel ratna award, is a famous -72 0Air Rifle Shooter
4What is the award money of the Rajeev Gandhi Khel Ratna Award-5 lakh
5Which persons was awarded the first Rajeev Gandhi khel ratna award-Vishwanathan Anand
6Who is called as the Flying Sikh of India-Milkha Singh
7In which sport, term "Butterfly Stroke" is used-Swimming
8To which the term "Jump Ball" is associated-Basketball
9Term "Pitcher" is associated with-Baseball
10"Free Throw " is associated with -Basketball
11The most popular sport of United States of America is -Baseball
12Thomas cup is associated with which sport-Badminton
13Narain Karthikeyan is associated with which sport-Formula One Car Race
14Geet Sethi is associated with which sports-Billiards
15Limba Ram is associated with-Archery
16Seema Antil is associated with-Discus Throw
17Ajara Cup is associated with which sport-Polo
18The total number of players in each team of water Polo are-7
19How many players play in each team of Baseball-9
20How many players are consisted in each team of Basketball-5
21"Layup Shot" is associated with which sports-Basketball
22"Subroto Cup" is associated with-Football
23"Burdhvan Trophy" is associated with-Weight Lifting
24Which game was originated as an alternate to basketball in 1895 by William Margen-Volleyball
25Which heavy weight boxers had never suffered a defeat in his lifetime-Rocky Marciano
26For which is said that this garden is not a garden-Eden Garden of Kolkata
27CAD stands forComputer Aided Design
28Unix operating system is generally known asMulti User Operating System
29Which of the parent country of mobile giant 'Nokia'?Finland
30In the field of internet, WWW stands forWorld Wide Web
31Which application is used for accessing the information on internet?Operating system
32Unsorted transaction that can be used to immediately update a database is called asDirect database access
33Which is not an extension of a picture file on a computer.mdb
34A nibble is equal to......bits.4
35In HTML, tags consist of key words enclosed withinAngular brackets<>
36Which type of printer cannot print more than one character at a time.Dot matrix
37The waste generated by and life personal computers is known asE-waste
38DVD refers toDigital Video Disc
39In MS-DOS, the primary file name can contain upto.......characters.8
40In programming, repeating some statements is usually calledLooping
41A browser is a software used to 65292search for web pages in internet
42CPU refers toCentral Processing Unit
43What type of Information System would be recognized by digital circuits?Hexadecimal System, Binary System
44Telnet is aProtocol
45The term ODBC stands forOpen Database Connectivity
46Both the ALU and Control Section have special purpose storage locations called.72 0Registers
47A translator for the assembly language to machine language isAssembler
48Where is India's super computer 'PARAM' located?Pune
49Expansion of RDBMS isRelational Database Management System
50A bug in a program isError

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