Sunday, 30 April 2017


1Name the player who holds the record for highest test score in an inning-Brian Lara
2Who has scored maximum number of centuries in one day One Day International Cricket-Sachin Tendulkar
3Which players was known as "The Haryana hurricane"-Kapil Dev
4Name the first man who took 200 wickets in one day cricket-Kapil Dev
5Who was the first indian bowler to take a hat-rick in test matches-Harbhajan Singh
6Who is the indian cricket to score three consecutive centuries in his first three test matches-Md. Azharuddin
7Who was the first centurion in indian cricket team-Lala Amarnath
8Who is the president of the BCCI-Anurag Thakur
9Which type wood is used to make cricket bats-Salix Purpurea
10How many time has brazil won the football world cup championship-Five
11FIFA world cup 2018 will be organized in-Russia
12What is the number of players in rugby football-15
13The finalists of A.F.C. challenge cup were-India and Tajikistan
14To which sport, the "Federation cup" is related in India-Football
15In which game, the rovers cup is given to the winner team-Football
16To which sport, Santosh trophy is related with-Football
17To which sport, Nehru trophy is related-Football
18Which women tennis players have won the grand slam titles most number of times-Margaret Court
19Which of the grand slam titles is known as "Roland garros" -French Open
20Which is the first title among four grand slams played in every year-Australian Open
21The name of which players has been related to a famous sport trophy-Dwight F. Davis
22Which of the "Grand slam tournament" is played over grass court -0 65292Wimbledon
23Which international tennis tournaments is not organized at a fix venue-Davis Cup
24When did India won the gold medal in Olympic last time-1980 Moscow
25Which year did india won its first gold medal in Olympics-1928
26On the name of which players, a road is named after in Germany-Roop Singh
27To which sports, Agha Khan Cup is related-Hockey
28The game of chess was first started in-India
29Who became the youngest grand master of india-Pendyala Harikrishna
30Which women chess player of india became the super grand master by reaching on the second rank in the world-Koneru Humpy
31Answr the first indian woman medal winner in the Olympic games-Karnam Malleswari
32International Olympic committee sold the broadcasting right of Olympic games of 2014 and 2016 to-Star India
33Olympic games of 2016 will be organized in which city-Rio-De-Janeiro in Brazil
34Who won the highest number of medals in Asian Athletics games held in Pune-China
35Answer the first Indian who was banned for using anabolic steroid in Olympic games-T.Sanamacha Chanu
36Which places had hosted the last winter Olympic games-Salt Lake City-America
37The first woman player to won a medal in Olympics is-Karnam Malleswari
38Who was the first Indian woman to qualify for the final of individual track event in Olympics-M.D.Valsamma
39When was the first Olympics organized-776 BC
40The highest medal winner in Beijing Olympic was-USA
41Who was the first Australian aborigine to win a gold medal in Olympic games-Cathy Freeman
42When was the first commonwealth games organized -1930
43Third commonwealth youth games were organized in-Pune
44Who holds the record for winning most number of gold medals in commonwealth games-65292Susie O'neill
45On which day, the sports day is celebrated every year-29-Aug
46"Ryder Cup" is giver to players of which sport-Golf
47In which sports, the term "Bullseye" is used-Shooting
48Green Park Stadium is located in -Kanpur
49Where is Brabourne Stadium-Mumbai
50Jaspal Rana is associated with which sport-Shooting

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