Sunday, 30 April 2017


1Who is the founder of the rank one site of India, Facebook-Mark Zuckerberg
2Who was the chairman of 20th law commission-Justice DK Jain
3Julia Gillard was the prime minister of which of the following countries-Australia
4Which state of India became the first state to pass the food security act-Chhattisgarh
5Which airport is located on the highest elevation-Daocheng Yading Airport
6The botanical fossil of Jurassic age was found in -Chhattisgarh
7The first Indo-Afro forum summit was held in-New Delhi
8Where was the new rail coach factory inaugurated-Raebareli
9Which is the first Indian microwave remote sensing satellite-RISAT-1
10What is the full form of FDI-Foreign Direct Investment
11Fateh Singh Rathore who died in 2011, was a famous-W i l d l i f e Conservationist
12Who is the central minister for petroleum & natural gas-M. Veerappa Moily
13Who is the central minister for minorities-Mukhtar Abbas Naqv
14In july 2013, which nation became 28th member of European Union-Croatia
15Who is the chairman of National Child Rights Protection Commission-Shanta Sinha
16Which nation came forward in mediation of Sri Lanka-Norway
17Where is india's oldest Planetarium-Pune
18Which is third largest market for Twitter-India
19Recently with which nation, leader in world, had india signed an agreement in the field of renewable energy-Spain
20Which nations signed an agreement with india for the jet Trainer (HAWK)-England
21Who is the chairman of ISRO-Dr. k kasturirangan
22The governor of Jharkhand is-Draupadi Murmu
23Which is the national security advisor of USA-Condoleezza Rice
24Who is the member of election commission of India-VS Sampat
25Right to education became a fundamental right on-April 1st 2010
26Norman Anil Kumar Browne holds which of the following posts' chief-Indian Air Force
27Who is the governor of Maharashtra-C h e n n a m a n e n i Vidyasagar Rao
28The chairman of indian film censor board-Sharmila Tagore
29Which of the following "Beatles" died recently-George Harrison
30Earth summit was organized in-Brazil
31Where was the Earth summit organized-Rio de Janeiro
32Which nation was added as 8th member of SAARC in its expansion-Afghanistan
33Who is the secretary-general of united nations-Kofi Annan
34What was the theme of the film "Mangal pandey" released in august 2005.0 652921857 war of independence
35Which scaled Mount Everest ten times -Ang Rita Sherpa
36The youngest Indian to scale mount Everest in may 2010 is-Arjun Vajpai
37Who is the oldest Indian woman to summit the Mount Everest-Premlata Agrawal
38Which river submerged the two century old town Tehri-Bhagirathi
39Who is the director of the film "the making of the mahatma"-Shyam Benegal
40Which countries became world leader in carbon credit trade in 2007.China
41Who was the first chief minister of Jharkhand-Babulal Marandi
42Who was the first chief minister of Uttaranchal-Nityanand Swami
43Who was the first chief minister of Chhattisgarh-Ajit Jogi
44Who became the new king of Nepal in 2001.Gyanendra
45Who offered a garland on "Amar Jawan Jyoti" (India Gate) on January 26th 2009.Defence Minister
46Who was appointed as the governor of RBI after the retirement of YV Reddy-D.Subbarao
47Who is the president of Sri Lanka-Mahindra Rajapaksa
48To which Hillary Clinton, wife of bill Clinton, was elected in USA-Senate
49Mr. Shaukat Aziz was-Prime Minister of Pakistan
50Which multipurpose communication satellite was launched on April 3rd 1999.INSAT 2E

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