Saturday, 29 April 2017


1Who was the director of the famous film "Monsoon Wedding"-Mira Nair
2Queen Elizabeth bestowed the title of "knighthood" to-Salman Rushdie
3"Manav Seva Award" was institutionalized in the memory ofRajiv Gandhi
4Which government had institutionalized "Tansen Samman"-Madhya Pradesh
5Which of the followings was the first person to be conferred with "Bharat Ratna"-CV Raman
6Which Indian won the Grammy Award in New age Album category in 2015.Ricky Kej
7For which film, Eddie Redmayne won the best actor in Oscar Award 2015.The Theory of Everything
8Who won the Sanjay Chopra bravery award 2008.Saumik Mishra
9Who was the winner of "best actress award" in 54th national awards-Priyamani
10The president gave the dada sahib Phalke Award in 2007 to-Manna Dey
11Who was awarded the dada sahib Phalke award in 2004.Adoor Gopalakrishnan
12Who was selected for the dada sahib Phalke award in 2005.Shyam Benegal
13Which of the dada sahib Phalke award winner fought in Lok Sabha election of 2004.Bhupen Hazarika
14Who was awarded with the Jawaharlal Nehru award (trophy, citation and Rs 25 lakh) in 2004.Goh Chok Tong
15Which nation won the miss universe 2008 title-Miss Venezuela
16The writer of the winner of the booker prize book "White Tiger" is-Arvind Adiga
17Who won the booker prize in 2005.John Banville
18Who won the booker prize in 2014.Richard Flanagan
19__________ won the booker prize in 2011 for his novel "The Sense of an Ending"-Julian Barnes
20Which film won the best film award in 53rd national award-0 65292Kaalpurush-memories in the mist
21Anil Kumar Agarwal, an Indian environmentalist won which of the following awards in 2001.Padam Bhushan
22Which Film won the best film award in 52th Film Fare Award-Rang de Basanti
23Which films won the award in the Berlin fil festival-Alai Paythey
24Which film got the seven OSCAR Awards in 1999.Shakespeare in Love
25Who won the Pantaloon's Miss India World 2012 title-Vanya Mishra
26Which actress won the national award for the best actress in for the film "Daman"-72Raveena Tandon
27Who got the 28th annual Lata Mangeshkar award 2013.Hariharan
28Which was conferred with the Tagore Award 2013.Jubin Mehta
29Priyanka Chopra had been titled as-Miss World
30Famous newspaper published its 70,000th edition in 2010. Which newspaper is this-The times of London
31Who is the high commissioner of Australia to India-Harinder Sidhu
32Who has been elected as the president of All India Football Federation-Praful Patel
33Who became the chief minister of Meghalaya after the assembly elections of 2013.Mukul Sangama
34Where was the session of Indian science congress organized in January 2013.Kolkata
35Who became the chief minister of Tripura after the assembly elections of 2013.Manik Sarkar
36Who is the president of World Bank-Jim Yong Kim
37Where was the G20 summit of finance ministers and labor ministers organized on July 19th, 2013.Moscow
38Who is The Director General of BB(c)Tony Hall
39Which took oath of the Lokayukta of Rajasthan-Sajjan Singh Kothari
40Which scandals had shocked the European Union in February 2013.Horsemeat (Cheval)
41The queen of Netherlands, which abdicated the throne on April 30th, 2013 after 33 years, was-Beatrix
42Who became the president of Lalit Kala Academy-KK Chakravarty
43Who was appointed the chairman of national school of drama on august 19th, 2013.Ratan Thiyam
44Who took the oath of US ambassador to United Nations by Joe Biden on august 1st 2013.Samatha Power
45Who took the oath of president of Iran on august 4th 2013.Hassan Rouhani
46The scientists of which country has completed research in genome of camels-China
47The first woman chairperson of state bank of India is-A r u n d h a t i Bhattacharya
48Who was the Lieutenant governor of the Delhi, invite Aam Admi Party to form government-Najeeb Jung
49According to the assembly elections of 2013, how many constituencies are there in Delhi-70
50Which state started Ama Jangal Yojana (Meri Jangal Yojana) in order to increase the forest cover-72 0 65292Odisha

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