Saturday, 29 April 2017


1Which is not part of national capital region-Mathura
2Which is not a union territory-Nagaland
3Which has English as its official language-Nagaland
4The Taj Mahal is badly affected by-Acid Rains
5Tag line "Connecting India" is associated withBSNL
6Famous Mobile company "Nokia" is based in countries-Finland
7The Native of New Zealand are known as-Kiwis
8Kangaroo is a symbol of which country-Australia
9The capital of Tanzania is-Dodoma
10Which is a central university-Pondicherry University
11The Chernobyl nuclear accident was happened in-1986
12Which car model was recalled by Maruti Suzuki due to faulty fuel pumps-Maruti A Star
13Which companies does not have foot-print in Delhi-0 65292BSNL
14Which companies does not have foot print in Mumbai-BSNL
15Which Indian companies was listed first in NASDAQ-Infosys Technologies
16What was the name of the spacecraft for the mapping of the planet Venus-Magellan
17Which was the first Indian satellite-Aryabhata
18The Aryabhata was launched fromKapustin Yar
19Who is the director of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre-KN Vyas
20Who was the founder of homeopathy-Hahnemann
21What is the name of India's first research station in Antarctica-Dakshin Gangotri
22Which national highway is known as "Shershah Suri Marg"-NH 1
23The state, leading in education development index (EDI) 2011 was-Kerala
24What is the measurement of central tendency-Mean
25Which factors affects the cost in poultry farming-Poultry Feed
26Which monuments is the oldest of all-Ajanta Caves
27Which is a well-planned city of India-Chandigarh
28Which was the gas released in Bhopal Gas Tragedy-Methyl Isocyanides
2913th non-resident Indian day on January 8th and 9th was organized in-Gandhinagar
30Which was observed by United Nations in the year of 1999.Older Persons
31The 1991-2000 decade was observed by SAAR(c)-Girl Child
32Which films was awarded with audience award in Locarno film festival in Switzerland-Lagaan
33Who received the Jnanpith award for the year 2011.Pratibha Ray
34Who was the winner of Indira Gandhi award 2013.Angela Merkel
35Who was the winner of Indira Gandhi award 1999.Dr. MS Swaminathan
36Which scientists were awarded with Nobel prize for the invention of microchip-Jack Kilby
37Who was awarded with Nobel Peace Prize in 2014.Kailash Satyarthi and Malala Yousafzai
38Which was awarded Nobel Peace Prize 2001.UNO and Kofi Annan
39Who got the Nobel peace Prize in 2012.European union
40The Nobel Prize winner who Faught for the people of Myanmar, her name is-Aung San Suu Kyi
41Who was awarded with Nobel Prize for his work "Gitanjali"-0 65292Rabindranath Tagore
42Which was not awarded with the Nobel Prize in economics in 2010.Liu Xiaobo
43Which is a Nobel Laureate for the contribution in Economics in 2001-Joseph Stiglitz
44Who was awarded with the Nobel Prize of Medicines in 2001-Leland H. Hartwell
45The Nobel Prize of Literature in 2013 was awarded to-Alice Munro
46Which awards was given to Indira Goswami in the year 2001.Jnanpith Award
47Who got the Jnanpith Award in 2000.Indira Goswami
48Who got the Sahitya academy award of Hindi Literature in 2010.Uday Prakash
49The only leader to be conferred with Bharat Ratna on being home minister of India was-72GB Pant
50Which Indian film won the "Golden Lion" award of best film in Venice film festival 2001.Monsoon Wedding

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