Saturday, 29 April 2017


1Which sites, situated in Delhi, is not a UNESCO heritage site-Jatar-Mantar
2What is the national flower of India-Lotus
3The national fruit of India is-Mango
4Which schools is associated with Pandit Jawaharlal Nahru-0 65292Navodaya School
5The slogan "Just do it" is associated with which of the followings-Nike
6Which is associated with geology-Paleontology
7Which countries had an Indian Origin Prime Minister-Trinidad and Tobago
8Which political parties is not a national party-TMC
9Which is the longest serving chief minister of any state in India-Manik Sarkar
10The tag line "The power of dream" is associated with which brands-Honda
11In which films, the legendary actor Pran played a role of character actor, rather than a villain-Zanjeer
12Who uses the bye-line "Sabse Tez"-Aaj Tak
13The tag line "Express Yourself" is associated with which brands-Airtel
14Molotov Cocktail is a-Grenade
15Where was the paper invented-China
16The word "Caste" is derived from which of the following languages-Portuguese
17Which buildings is the highest in the world-Burj Khalifa
18What is the height of the tallest structure of the world, Burj Khalifa-829m
19The highest civilian airport of the world is located in-China
20Which city is known as electronic city-Bengaluru
21To bring what kind of equality is the objective of every socialist principle-Social
22Who used the term "state" first-Machiavelli
23Shipra path police station, which is considered the best in the world, is in-Jaipur
24Which is the administrative capital of Malaysia-Putrajaya
25Kinki industrial area is located in-Japan
26Which is the only nation that does not have its name on postal stamps-UK
27The oldest airline is-Dutch KLM
28Which international agency is working for the conservation of environment-Greenpeace
29Who inaugurated the "Plant More Trees" campaign in july1950.KM Munshi
30"Van Mahotsava" is associated with which of the followings-Plantation
31The Pakistan's Capital since 1959 was-Karachi
32What name was given to Multan by Arabians-City of gold
33When was ISRO established-1969
34Where is ISRO's master control facility-Karnataka
35Tehri Hydropower Complex is located in which states-0 65292Uttarakhand
36The Rashtrapati Bhavan was designed by-Edwin Lutyens
37Which country earned the title The Queen of Seas-France
38What is The National Emblem of Italy-White Lily
39How many spokes are there in national flag of India-24
40Which state of India has made rain water harvesting compulsory in houses-Tamilnadu
41Which Indian city has the most numbers of rooftop solar water heaters-Bengaluru
42What is the study of population-Demography
43Who is famous for establishing "Anand Van"-Baba Amte
44The National Anthem was sung first in-1911
45The first Guinness book of world record was published in -1955
46The person, cutting precious stones is known as-Lapidary
47In which of the centuries, the liberalism was recognized as a political philosophy-19th
48In which year, the two aero plane were crashed in twin building of world trade centre-2001
49The ministry few times known as green ministry is called-Environment and forest
50When was the Indian forest service institutionalized-July 1st,1966

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