Saturday, 29 April 2017


1The national minorities rights day is celebrated on-18th December
2The farmers day is celebrated on-23rd December
3National Social Assistance Programme (NSAP) came into effect in-1995
4the national youth day is celebrated on-12th January
5When is the international women day celebrated-8th March
615th January is celebrated as-Army Day
7When is the international "Yoga day" celebrated-21st June
8In which years, the first human heart was transplanted-1967
9Which days is not celebrated in the month of October-World Environment Day
10The birth date of which of the following leaders is celebrated as the "teacher's day" in India-Dr. S. Radhakrishnan
11when was National Commission for Safai Karamchari established-1994
12Which of the followings is generally used to make custard powder-Corn
13Which is the longest intercontinental railway of the world-Trans Siberian Railway
14Which is known as the lighthouse of Mediterranean sea-Stromboli of Sicily
15Which countries has the highest life expectancy-Japan
16Which countries has the longest land tunnel-Switzerland
17Which country's national animal is holy cow-Nepal
18The pollutants in environment are measured in PPM, what is the full form of PPM-Parts Per Million
19The burning of fossil fuel generates-Air Pollution
20The greenhouse effect is behind the warm environment of earth. What is the reason of that-Infrared Rays
21The silicon valley of India is located in-0 65292Bengaluru
22Which cities is known as "Pearl city"-Hyderabad
23Which soils is used to make bricks-Laterite Soil
24The mixture of cement, sand and water is called as-Mortar
25Which is known as "Brown paper"-Jute
26Blue revolution is associated with which of the followings-Fisheries
27Which is the largest state of India-Rajasthan
28Which is known as the "Manchester" of south India-Coimbatore
29Which does not have stupas-Ranchi
30Which is known as the "shrimp capital" of India-Nellore
31Who was the architect of the south and north block of central secretariat in Delhi-72Herbert Baker
32Red Data Book provides the information about those species which are-Threatened
33Which wildlife is protected under wildlife conservation act 1972.Porcupine
34Which sates is known as the "Rice bowl"-Andhra Pradesh
35The slogan "Do Boond Zindagi Ki" is associated with -Pulse Polio
36Bull fight is the national game of which of the following countries-Spain
37Who was the first deputy prime minister of India-Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
38Which politicians of south India had not worked in the movies-CN Annadurai
39Which country had launched a stamp to commemorate the birth century of Mother Teresa-USA
40The Jim Corbett National is located in-Uttarakhand
41Kaziranga National Park is located in-Assam
42Which of the following trees lives for the most number of years on earth-Sequoia
43Greenpark stadium is located in-Kanpur
44Who is the chairman of national integration council-Prime Minister
45Which religious places of Sikhs is not located in India-Nankana Sahib
46Peking is the place for worship of-Taoism
47Who started the "Young Italy"-Giuseppe Mazzini
48Which is a UNESCO world heritage site-Agra Fort
49Which sites was inducted first in UNESCO world heritage list-Agra Fort
50Which is a UNESCO heritage site-Mahabodhi Temple

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