Saturday, 29 April 2017


1The head quarter of Indian survey department is located in -Dehradun
2The head quarter of The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is located in-Paris
3Which organization is the only in the world for the betterment of children-UNICEF
4When was the "League of Nations" established-10-Jan-20
5What is the period of term of non-permanent members of united nations security council-2 years
6Which of the followings are the permanent members of UNSC-China, France, Russia, UK, USA
7Which nations is not a permanent member of United Nations Security Council-Australia
8How many organs are there in United Nations organization-5
9United Nations Organization was established in-24-Oct-45
10The first secretary-general of United Nations was-Trygve Lie
11The first African secretary-general of UN was-Boutros Ghali
12Which is not a Bretton woods institutions-65292Organisation for EconomicCo-operation and Development (OECD)
13Which appoints the secretary-general of United Nations-By general assembly on the recommendations of Security Council
14Who was the first Indian secretary-general of UNO-Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit
15India joined united nation organization in-1945
16Where is national rural development institute-Hyderabad
17Forest research institute is located in-Dehradun
18National chemical laboratory is located in-Pune
19The head quarter of international court of justice is located in-Hague
20The number of judges in international court of justice is-15
21Answer the institution, founded in the place of UN human rights commission-Human Rights Council
22What is amnesty international-0Human Rights Organization
23The head-quarter of World Bank is located in-Washington DC
24Where was the first non-aligned movement held-Belgrade
25The first summit of SAARC nations was held in-Dhaka
26Where is the head quarter of SAARC-Kathmandu
27The full name of SAARC is-72South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation
28Which is the new joined member of G-8.Russia
29The united nations summit on environment and development is known as-Earth summit
30What is the rank of India in Human Development Report 2010 of UNO-119
31India is not a member of -G-8
32The concept of carbon credit was founded in-Kyoto protocol
33Who had hosted the CHOGM (Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting) 2013.Sri Lanka
34Where is the head quarter of international labor organization-Geneva
35Where is India's first engineering college-Roorkee
36Where is National Environmental Engineering Research Institute-Nagpur
37Whose name is "Wall Street"-stock exchange of New York
38Which is the first hydel power project of India-S h i v a n a s a m u d r a (Karnataka)
39Central Leather Research Institute is located in -Chennai
40Who was the first American president to visit India-DD Eisenhower
41Conference on the human environment 1972 was held in-Stockholm
42Which has not signed on non-proliferation treaty-India
43Nuclear non-proliferation treaty was enforced in-1970
44Talcher is famous for-Atomic reactor
45The International commission on Zoological Nomenclature was established in-1895
46The biggest oil spills in the history of the world happened in-Persian gulf
47Which of the followings is an India's homemade fighter plane-Tejas
48Nobel Prize is not given in which of the following category-Sports
49Which country established the Nobel Prize-Sweden
50The Nobel Prize is awarded every year in-Stockholm

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