Saturday, 29 April 2017


1RMSA means-Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan
2The correct full form of HTTP is-HyperTextTransferProtocol
3The is the full form of NIEO-New International Economic Order
4What is the meaning of NMCC, set up by UPA government-National Manufacturing C o m p e t i t i v e n e s s Council
5The full form of CTBT is-Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
6The full form of ATM is-AutomatedTeller Machine
7What is the meaning of ATM in relation with banking-AutomatedTeller Machine
8The full name of DTP-Desktop Publishing
9What is the name of Indian national grid computing initiative for scientific engineering and academic community-0 65292Garuda
10Where is the head quarter of international atomic energy agency-Vienna
11Where is the head quarter of European union-Brussels
12Where is Indian space research organization-Bengaluru
13Vikram Sarabhai space centre is located in-Thiruvananthapuram
14Vikram Sarabhai space centre is located in-Trivandrum
15Hyderabad is famous for a museum. Name this museum-Salar Jung Museum
16LHC is the short form of which machines-Large Hadron Collider
17Whose short form is IMF-72International Monetary Fund
18The currency of Nepal is-Rupee
19What is the name of the currency of the European union-Euro
20The currency of Myanmar is-Kyat
21Ngultrum is the currency ofBhutan
22Yuan is the currency ofChina
23Rand is the currency ofIran
24Where is Netaji subhash National Institute of sport-Patiala
25The central office of national institute of nutrition is located in-Hyderabad
26Where is national academy of agricultural research management-Hyderabad
27In which of the following cities, central food technological research institute is located-Mysuru
28Where is Lakshmibai college of physical education-Gwalior
29Where is Indian coffee research institute-Chikmagalur
30Mazagaon ship building yard is located in-Mumbai
31Indira Gandhi national flying academy is located in-Raebareli
32South-South co-operation is associated with which of the followings-65292Cooperation Among Developing Countries
33Which of the following countries is not a member of European union-Norway
34The head quarter of United Nations organization is located in-New York
35The head quarter of world health organization is located in-Geneva
36In which year, the world trade organization came into existence-1995
37Where is the head quarter of WTO-Geneva
38The head quarter of world trade organization is located in-Geneva, Switzerland
39The atomic energy commission was set up in-August, 1948
40"CDMA" technique used in mobiles is-Code Division Multiple Access
41The full name of MCA is-Master of Computer Application
42What is the full form of NIS-National Immunization Schedule
43The full form of MRI is-72 0Magnetic Resonance Imaging
44The full form of ITCZ is-Inter Tropical Convergence Zone
45Which is the correct form of ILO-International Labor Organization
46Where is the head quarter of state bank of India-Mumbai
47In Indian cities has the headquarter of more than one railway zone-Kolkata and Mumbai both
48Where is Rajiv Gandhi international airport-Hyderabad
49Where is national police academy-Hyderabad
50The central drug research institute of India is located in which of the following cities-Lucknow

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