Saturday, 29 April 2017


1Who wrote the book "The zigzag way"-Anita Desai
2Who is the writer of the book "What Went Wrong"-Kiran Bedi
3The writer of the book "The future of India" is-Bimal Jalan
4Which is the first composition of Sulman Rushdie-Midnight 's Children
5Who wrote "Midnight's children"-0 65292Sulman Rushdie
6Who is the author of the book "Lajja"-Taslima Nasreen
7Who wrote the book "The enchantress of Florence"-Sulman Rishdie
8Which of the following books is written by V.S. Naipaul-A house for Mr Biswas
9Who is the writer of the book "The life divine"-Sri Aurobindo
10Who wrote the book "Meandering pastures of memories"-Shovana Narayan
11Who wrote the book "The general theory of employment, interest and money"-J.M. Keynes
12Who wrote "Discovery of India"-Jawaharlal Nehru
13Who wrote "Rediscovery of India"-Meghnad Desai
14Which scientist has written the book "A brief history of time"-Stephen Hawking
15From which of the following Upanishads, the motto "Satyamev Jayate" has been taken-Mundak
16The author of the book "My experiments with truth" is-M.K. Gandhi
17Arundhati Roy is the author of which of the following books-God of small things
18What is the name of the Indian-origin writer whose novel "the inheritance of loss" won the "Booker Prize"-Kiran Desai
19Who is the author of the recently highly sold book "The road ahead"-Bill Gates
20Who is the composer of Unforgettable literary character "Swami"-RK Narayan
21Who is the author of the famous book "Malgudi Days"-RK Narayan
22Who wrote the book "The story of Malgudi days"-RK Narayan
23Which of the following books is not written by RK Narayan-Gardener
24Who wrote the famous novel "The Guide"-RK Narayan
25Who is the author of "Indica"-Megasthenes
26Who is the author of the book "Ageless Body, Timeless Mind"-Deepak Chopra
27Who wrote the book "The science of Bharatanatyam"-Saroja Vaidyanathan
28Who wrote the book "The white castle"-Orhan Pamuk
29What is the name of the book by Sachin Tendulkar-Playing it my way
30"A thing of beauty is a joy forever" whose quote is this-John Keats
31Who is the author of the book "No full stops in India"-Mark Tully
32Which books is written by kamala das-Tonight, this savage rite
33Which books is written by Atiq Rahimi-0 65292Earth and ashes
34Who wrote the book "Kurukshetra to Kargil"-Kuldip Singh
35Who wrote the book "Straight from the heart"-Kapil Dev
36Who is the author of the famous book "a better India: a better world"-NR Narayana Murthy
37Whose autobiography is "My unforgettable memories"-Mamata Banerjee
38Who is the author of the book "Question and answer"-Vikas Swarup
39Which Indian newspaper has the maximum number of readers-Dainik Jagran
40Who is the author of the books "Das Kapital" and "Communist Manifesto"-Karl Marx
41Which books is written by former Indian president APJ Abdul Kalam-72The Wings of Fire and Ignited Minds
42Arundhati Roy is the author of the book-The algebra of infinite justice
43Who is the author of the book "Zest for life"-Emile Zola
44"Don't laugh: We are police" is compiled by-Bishan Lal Vohra (IGP)
45Who is the author of the book "Magic Seeds"-VS Naipaul
46Whose autobiography is "My Life"-Bill Clinton
47Who is the author of das Kapital-Karl Mark
48What is the full form of NATO-North Atlantic Treaty Organization
49Whose short form is RAF-Rapid Action Force
50Whose short form is NREGP-National Rural Employment Guarantee Program

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