Saturday, 29 April 2017


1Kathakali dance form was originated in which of the following states-Kerala
2Kathakali is popular in which states-Kerala
3Guru Gopinath was an exponent of-Kathakali
4Which dance form is figured in the famous Thanjavur temples-Bharatanatyam
5Which of the followings is a "classical" style of dance-Odissi
6Dandiya is a famous dance of which of the following states-Gujarat
7Garba is a dance of-Gujarat
8Where is "Kushipudi" dance style famous-Andhra Pradesh
9The classical dance of Andhra Pradesh is-Kuchipudi
10Kuchipudi dance is associated with which of the following states-Andhra Pradesh
11Who established the "Rock Garden" of Chandigarh-Nek Chand
12Where is "Bara Imambara"-Lucknow
13Which of the gods are worshipped in the sanctorum of Badrinath and Kedarnath temples-65292Vishnu and Shiva
14Where is Angkor Wat temple-Cambodia
15Vatsalya Mela is organized every year in -New Delhi
16How many strings are there in a Sarod-19
17Which is the oldest musical instrument of India-Veena
18What is the motto of national emblem-Satyameva Jayate
19Ben Kingsley is a famous personality of which of the following fraternity-Cinema
20"Tabal Chongli" is a folk dance of which states-Assam
21Nautanki is a folk dance form of which states-Uttar Pradesh
22What is the name of folk drama form of Bhils-Gavari
23A southern Rajasthani tribe which earns their livelihood by singing and dance is-Garasia
24Which folk dance form is associated with Jammu and Kashmir-Rauf
25Which folk dance forms is associated with Uttar Pradesh-Shaura
26Pateti festival is associated with-Parsi
27Who is the leading writer of modern Hindi literature-72 0B h a r t e n d u Harishchandra
28When was the colored television broadcasted first in india-1982
29Lalit Kala academy is dedicated to the promotion ofFine art
30"Sattriya dance" recognized by Sangeet Natak Academy In 2000, is a Indian classical dance originated in-Assam
31India today is-A new magazine for current affairs
32Who is the author of the book "The state of the nation"-Fali S. Nariman
33Who wrote the book "Origin of Species" -Charles Darwin
34Who is the writer of the book "City of Joy"-Dominique Lapierre
35Who is the writer of the book "Romancing with life"-Dev Anand
36Who wrote "The autobiography of an unknown Indian"-Nirad C.Chaudhuri
37Who wrote the famous novel "Pride and Prejudice"-Jane Austin
38Who is the writer of the book "Nineteen eighty-four"-George Orwell
39Who is the writer of the book "Beyond the lines: an autobiography"-General j.j. Singh
40Who wrote "Two lives"-Vikram Seth
41"India wins freedom" is an autobiography of-Abul Kalam Azad
42The author of the book "Unto this last" which influenced Gandhi , is-John Ruskin
43Who has written the books of "Harry Potter" series-J.K. Rowling
44Who is the author of the book "Employment, Interest and Money"-J.M. Keynes
45The poem "Gita Govind" is written by-Jayadev
46Who is the writer of the book "long walk to freedom"-Nelson Mandela
47Who wrote the book "Freedom from fear"-Aung San Suu Kyi
48Which is written by Mulk Raj Anand-The village
49Which books is written by Kishwar Desai-Witness the night
50Which books is written by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam-Guiding Souls

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