Saturday, 29 April 2017


1The United Nations declared 2011 as which International Year?Youth
2Which is a cash crop?Rubber
3Which is the maximum spoken language in the world?Mandarin
4Which is the longest passenger rail route in India?0 65292Kanyakumari and Jammu Tawi
5In which year Swarn Jayanti Gram Swa-Rozgar Yojna came into being?Apr-99
6Where is the Main hunting ground for blue whales located?Arctic Ocean
7Where did the INA trials took place?Red Fort, Delhi
8The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty came into force in which year?1970
9The United Nations declared 2010 as which International Year?Seafarer
10Which is the home of "Alphonso" mango?Ratnagiri
11Of which sutra is the theam of the concept of Eight-fold path?Dharma Chakara Pravartana Sutra
12Which State does not cultivate wheat?Tamil Nadu
13Who received Nobel Prize twice for the same subject?Marie Curie
14In which place was Asia's first Export Processing Zone (EPZ) set up?Kanada
15Which is produced by the rapid ascent of moist air?Hail
16Which year is celebrated as International Year of Water Cooperation?2013
17When is World Poetry Day, recognized by the UNESCO observed?21-Mar
18Which is the longest railway platform?Kharagpur (India)
19Who said "My boy no, you are an Indian first and then a Muslim"?Mohammad Ali Jinnah
20Which gas comes out during photosynthesis?Oxygen
21Who is the author of the book 'Hindu way of Life'?Dr. S. Radhakrishnan
22Which is the largest mosque in India?Jama Masjid
23Which is the anti-knocking compound used in petrol-engines?Tetra-ethyl Lead
24Where did the first nuclear explosion in India take place?Pokhran
25When is the 'National Science Day' celebrated in India?28-Feb
26United nations adopted a charter of Economic Rights in which year?1974
27Silviculture is the branch of botany what do we study in that?Development of forest
28Who was the first Foreign Minister of free India?Jawaharlal Nehru
29Which is the longest Railway Tunnel?Tanna (Japan)
30Where was the seat of the first Republic of the world in 6th century BC?Vaishali
31Which Australian state is an island?Tasmania
32By which ruler was Pataliputra chosen for the first time as a capital?Udayin
33Plant and animal living in a particular area, what is it called?Community
34Which year is celebrated as International Year of Biodiversity?2010
35The United Nations declared 2011 as which International Year? 0 65292Forest
36Which is the branch of agriculture concerned with the production of crops?Agronomy
37Which is the smallest country in South America?Surinam
38Which is the largest man-made canal in the world?Suez Canal
39Which is 'the largest island?Kalatdeitnunat
40In which text are the original teachings of Mahavira contained?14 Purvas
41A suitable boy is written by-Vikram Seth
42"Man without society is either a beast or a God". Who said this?Aristotle
43Which animal can fight with snake?Mongooes
44Which is used as a mordant in dying and tanning industry?Magnesium sulphate
45Which is poorest state in India?Orissa
46Whose successful book include circle of Reason and shadow lines?Amitav Ghosh
47What is the process in which water is split during photosynthesis?Photolysis
48Who is the expounder of yoga philosophy?Patanjali
49By whom was 'Panchatantra' written?Vishnu Sharma
50Who is credited with the invention of Algebra?Aryabhatta

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