Saturday, 29 April 2017


1Jaspal Rana is a distinguished athlete in which game?Shooting
2Companion cells are usually seen associated with which tube?Sieve tube
3Who was the first lady Governor of an Indian state?Mrs. Sarojini Naidu
4In which country is the world's highest hydel power project 'Rongtong' located?Beijing
517th Parallel separates which country?North and South Vietnam
6Who established Fergusson College at Pune in the year 1885?Deccan Education Society
7Where is the headquarters of the Universal Postal Union?Switzerland
8The Treaty of Amritsar was concluded between Maharaja Ranjit Singh and whom?Lord Minto
9Which place ranks second among the coldest places in the world?Dras (Jammu and Kashmir)
10When did World Health Organization (WHO) come into force?7th April, 1948
11Which factor does not have influence on the Indian climate?0 65292Ocean currents
12Where did India play its 1st one day international match?Headingley
13The name of Prakash Padukone is associated with which game?Badminton
14The Indian Football team made its first appearance at Olympics in?1948
15Which works is ascribed to the famous poet Rajasekhara?Karpurmanjari
16The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty came into force in which year?1970
17Where were the xxvii (1996) Summer Olympic games were held?Atlanta
18With which game is Brookland (England) associated?Football
19Who is the proponent and propagandist of the "Art of Living"?Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
20Who was the first lady Prime Minister in the world?72S h i r i m a v o Bhandaranaike
21In which field 'Aachan Maharaj' has distinguished himself?Dance
22Molecular and cellular research centre is situated in which city?Hyderabad
23Who was the first Indian cricketer to wear a helmet during a match?Mohinder Arnarnath
24What is the duration of a basketball match both before and after the break?25 minutes
25Which is the Excluding the moon the celestial object the appear brightest in the sky?Venus
26Who was the founder of Boys Scout and Civil Guide?Baden Powell
27Bimbavati Devi is a well-known dancer of which type of dance?Manipuri
28Which country has won women's World Cup Kabaddi?India
29In Which city the Asian Games first took place?New Delhi
30Ismat Chughtai is associated with which field?Literature
31In which festival are boat races a special feature?Onam
32Which is the official language of East African Development Bank?French
33Who won Jnanpith award for the Year 2011?Pratibha Ray
34Which was the journalist who refused to accept Padma Bhushan?Arun Shourie
35Who is the Secretary General of UNO?Bann-Ki-Moon
36Amjad Ali Khan is associated with which musical instrument?Sarod
37Irani Trophy is associated with which sport?Cricket
38Who was named India's Cricketer of the Century by Wisden?Kapil Dev
39Who was Dr. Salim Ali?Ornithologist
40In which year was the first International Film Festival of India held?1952 at Bombay
41Nobel Laureate Muhammed Yunus belongs to which country?Bangladesh
42Who was the first to land on moon?Neil Armstrong
43In which year, UN General Assembly terminated South Africa's mandate over Namibia?1966
44Which can one come across if one travels through the Strait of Malacca?0 65292Singapore
45Who has scored the slowest century in the test cricket?Mudassar Nazar
46Who is the highest wicket taker in the world in one day cricket?Muttiah Muralitharan
47Who was the largest serving Chief Minister in India?Jyoti Basu
48Who was the first Chief of the Air staff?Sir Thomas Elmhirst
49Which generally produces the largest quantity of oranges?Brazil
50In which country is 'Mocha' coffee grown?Yemen

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