Saturday, 29 April 2017


1Which was the 1st non Test playing country to befit India in an international match?Sri Lanka
2Which type of experiment has the maximum spatial scale?Natural experiment
3Who won the Hockey Gold (men) in the 1992 Barcelona Games?Germany
4For which sport is the Val Barker Cup awarded in the Olympic Games?Boxing
5Who is the player to claim 50 ODI wickets in least number of matches?Ajantha Mendis
6Which is the most ancient musical instrument?Veena
7Which deals of 'Art of Warfare'?Chhao of Mayurbhanj
8Which Indian port leads in imports?Mumbai
9Which state has the maximum length of surface roads?Tamil Nadu
10Where had Buddha delivered maximum sermons?Sravasti
11If the temperature of a patient is 40°C, what will be his temperature on Fahrenheit scale?104° F
12Jude Felix has established reputation as an Indian player in which game?Hockey
13Hitendra Desai was a noted figure in which field?Politics
14By which instrument the rate of growth of plant is measured?Auxanometer
15In which ' State, no tribe has been declared as 'Scheduled' by the President?Haryana
16In the Semi-arid and Temperate grasslands, which are the most commonly found animals? 65292Sheep and goats
17In which part was the Nagar style of architecture develop mostly?South India
18Which Asian languages are UN official languages?Chinese & Arabic
19When did Mr. Attlee, Prime Minister of England, announce tile transfer of power to the Indians?June, 1948
20Which when dissolved in HO gives hissing sound?Limestone
21Unemployment occurs when workers move from one job to another job?F r i c t i o n a l unemployment
22Which decaying vegetation produces organic acids which causes a breakdown of minerals?Chemical weathering
23Who is the author of the controversial book 'Forbidden Verses'?Abu Nawaz
24Which is a part of the eye that helps in changing the focal length of crystalline lensis?72 0Ciliary muscles
25When is International women's Day recognized by the UN observed?08-Mar
26The World Cup Cricket Twenty-20 title in the 2012 was won by why country?Australia
27Ben Johnson (Canadian) was disqualified in the 1998 Seoul Olympic in the Athletics?100 m
28Saraswati Samman is given annually for outstanding contribution to which field?Literature
29Which book brought the first Nobel Prize to an Indian?Gitanjali
30Where did India first win the Olympic Hockey gold?Amsterdam
31FIFA World Cup 2018 would be held in which country?Russia
32Which Union Ministry is implementing the Biodiesel Mission (as Nodal Ministry)?Ministry of Rural Development
33With which field is Begum Akhtar associated?Vocal Music
34Who has been designated as the chairman by the IBA?K. R. Kamath
35'Asian Drama', by Gunnar Karl Myrdal, is a book on which subjects?Economics
36When is World Population Day, recognized by the UN is observed?11-Jul
37Which year is celebrated as International Year of the Shark?2009
38Who was the first Indian woman to scale the Mount Everest?Bachhendri Pal
39Pandit K.G. Ginde, was well known for his contribution in which field?Music
40What is common between Kutty, Shankar, Laxman and Sudhir Dar?Drawing Cartoons
41When is World Blood Donor Day, recognized by the UN is observed?14-Jun
42When is International Day of Democracy, recognized by the UN observed?15-Sep
43Which decade is celebrated as United Nations decade of Sustainble energy for all? 652922014-2024
44The term L.B.W. is associated with which game?Cricket
45Indian first took part in the Olympic Games in which year?1920
46Which is the only woman to have won three Wimbledon titles in a row?Steffi Graff
47On which date the United Nations Organisation came into existence?Oct. 24, 1945
48Limba Ram is associated with which field?Sports
49Ms. Shilpa Singh Miss India Universe belongs to which city?Sawastipur
50The United Nations declared 2013 as which International Year?Quinoa

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