Friday, 28 April 2017


1The performance of which industry is considered performance of the core industry?Oil and Petroleum
2Who was the first Indian woman to scale the Mount Everest?Bachhendri Pal
3Tansen Samman has been instituted by the Government of which state?Madhya Pradesh
4Who was awarded the first Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award?Mother Teresa
5Leukaemia is caused due to-Number of WBCs increases in blood
6The famous sportsman Michael Jordan is associated with which game?Basket ball
7Who became the youngest Grand Master of India?Parimarjan Negi
8Which was the first Indian woman to scale Mount Everest?Bachendri Pal
9Who is the world's first woman cosmonaut?Valentina Tereshkova
10Where is Davos, the venue of the annual meeting of World Economic Forum, located?Switzerland
11The basis of European Union began with the signing of which treaty?Maastricht Treaty
12When it is 12 noon at-Greenwich, what is the time at New York (74°W)? 0 652927.04 a.m.
13With which of the following fields is M. F. Hussain associated?Painting
14In which country is Marino sheep rearing the predominant pastoral activity?Australia
15By whom was the large Shiva Temple at Thanjavur built?Rajaraja Chola I
16Late Ustad Nisar Hussain Khan earned distinction in which fields?Vocal music
17Which is used as a gift in Japan?Euplectella
18'Let no man ask a man's sect or caste'. Whose dictum was this?Ramananda
19Who authored the 'Gitanjali', an anthology of poems?Rabindranath Tagore
20The statements "Protoplasm is the physical basis of life" is given by which person?72Purkinje
21Who wrote the line: 'A thing of beauty is a joy for ever'?John Keats
22Which day is celebrated as United Nations day every year?24th October
23Mughal architecture reveals a blending of which styless?Indian and Persian styles
24When is World Mental Health Day, recognized by the UN is observed?10-Oct
25Who was the first Indian woman who owns the gold medal in Asian Games?Kamaljit Sandhu
26From which export does India earns maximum foreign exchange?Gems and jewellery
27Which Cricketer has scored the highest total runs in test cricket?Sachin Tendulkar
28Who won a Nobel Prize for literature when he was the head of the government?Sir Winston Churchill
29Rana Pratap Sagar Plant (Rajasthan) is associated with which thing?Hydroelectricity
30The Govt. of India does not provide any direct financial assistance to which scheme?Jeevan Sathi Yojana
31Which is the oldest atomic power station?Tarapur
32During the Indian Freedom Struggle, who raised an army called Free Indian Legion?Subhas Chandra Bose
33Dr. Hargobing khurana received the nobel prize for which subject?Medicine
34Which was the Princely State which acceeded to the Indian Union after a plebiscite?Junagadh
35Bagasse, a by-product of sugar manufacturing industry, is used for the production of which thing?Paper
36The 'Rediscovery of India' is written by which author?Meghnad Desai
37Who is the 'author of the book 'A Brief History of Time'?Stephen Hawking
38Who produced the first film in India 'Raja Harishchandra' in 1913?Dada Saheb Phalke
39Which of these is a 'Morning Raga'?Darbari
40From the evolutionary point of view, which is closer to man?Dolphin
41Among the Indian languages, which one is spoken maximum in the world after Hindi? 0 65292Bengali
42The Karakoram Highway connects which pair of countries?China-Pakistan
43Which country is the leading producer of uranium?Canada
44What is distance between the Earth and the Sun (in million kms.)?149
45Upanishads, also known as the Vedantas, are How many are these upanishads?108
46Sushil Kumar is known for his outstanding performance in which field?Wrestling
47What is treatment of body defects through massage and exercise?Physiotherapy
48What do the Ajanta paintings depict? 72Scenes from the Jatakas
49Dr. M.S. Subbulakshmi has distinguished herself in which field?Vocal Music
50What is making interesting discoveries unexpectedly or by accident?Serendipity

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