Friday, 28 April 2017


1Blue revolution is related to -Fish production
2Blue and White Revolution is related with -Fish and Milk
3Brown Revolution is called as -Increase in fertilizer production
4India Adopted ................................ to give socialistic shape to country.Mixed economy
5Economic planning is a part ofSocialistic economy
6After ONGC, OIC, NTPC and SAIL, the 'Navratna' PSU which was awarded 'Maharatna' Status is 65292Coal India Ltd.
7Total number of Navratna PSE has become after including shipping corporation of India.18
8Who supported PURA model.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.
9PURA model was advocated bristly by.Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
10Dr. P Rama Rao Committee is related with.Defence
11Which three year is said as "Planning Holiday" for our country?1966-69
12"Plan Holiday" was declared afterThird Five Year Plan
13Poverty alleviation was the aim of which Five Year Plan.Fifth
14Slogan "Poverty Alleviation" was added to which Five Year Plan.Fifth
15Duration of 12th Five year Plan is2012-2017
16Eleventh five year Plan's duration is1 April 2007 to 31 March 2012
17India's First five year plan was faced upon.Harrod Domor Model
18Which five year plan's duration was only four year? 72 0Fifth
19Which Five Year Plan was based upon Mahalanobis Model?Second
20Second five year plan was based onMohalanobis Model
21Second five year plan give priority toHeavy industries
22Which five year plan gave priority to heavy industries?Second
23Who is the chairman of planning commission?Prime Minister
24To get rid of economic inequality Mahatma Gandhi gave theory/substitute ofTrusteeship Theory
25Social Forestry scheme was started inFifth five year plan
26Due to subsidy, the expenditure of Indian government is maximum forOil
27Which type of products does CACP recommend minimum support price for?Agricultural products
28"Jeevan Sathi Yojan 2008-09" was started byLIC
29Implementation of Jawahar Rozgar Yojana rests withGram Panchayats
30Under 'India Aawas Yojana' residence are provided toPoor people of rural areas
31The Minimum wages Act was firstly passed in India in the year.1948
32'Kisan Credit Card Yojana' was started in1998
33'Antodaya Programme' is related toPoorest of the poor
34In which matter green revolution has achieved maximum success.Wheat
35Minimum Support Price (MSP) for food products was started in1964
36Who coined the term 'Hindu rate of growth' for Indian economy?Raj Krishna
37Vintage care are manufactured 65292Between 1918 and 1930
38Which Indian industry is employing large number of workers?Textile industry
39The gradation and standardization of agricultural products are conducted throughDirectorate of Marketing and Inspection
40Identify the one which is not related to the Agricultural Price Policy.Licensing
41Which is the characteristic of Indian Agriculture?Land Scard, labour surplus
42Cattle rearing along with forming is called.Mixed farming
43To get rid from evils of sub-division and fragmentation, which among the following is best measure.Consolidation of Holidays (Chakbandi)
44Achievement in agriculture by India has not reached upto a greater level due toSmall holdings
45In Indian Agriculture High Yielding Variety Programme was started in1966
46Which is not the feature of Indian Agriculture?Supremacy of big firms
47Golden Handshake Scheme is associated withEstablishing Joint Enterprises
48Minimum Support Price, in India is decided by. 72 0CommissionofAgriculture cost and Price.
49Census 2011 was.15th Census
50Poverty in less developed countries is largely due to.Income inequality

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