Friday, 28 April 2017


1Exchange and control of Stock Market is done bySEBI
2In India exchange and control of share market is done bySEBI
3Who is the regulatory authority of credit rating agency in IndiaSEBI
4Market in which money can be earned as loan.Money Market
5Theory of "Monopolistic Competition" was given byEdward Chamberlin
6For existence of which type of market Recordo Propounded rent theoryMonopoly
7The situation is which total revenue equals to total cost isBreak-even point
8Demand curve of a firm under perfect competition isHorizontal to x - axis
9Open market operations of RBI refers to buying and selling ofGovernment bond
10"Supply Creates its own Demand." It is-Law of market
11Short - term government securities is calledTreasury bill
12Full from of FCCB is72 0Foreign Currency Convertible bonds
13Expenditure on advertisement and public relation by an enterprise is a part of its-I n t e r m e d i a t e consumption
14To calculate national income. Which of the following measures is not used?Income method
15To measure national income by income method which among the following is not included?Pension
16Per capital income is equal to .National income/Total population
17Economic progress of a country is based on-Income in per capital income
18The income of Indians working abroad is-Net domestic product of India
19The standard of living of any individual can be calculated byPer capital income
20Income and consumption as related as.Direct proportional
21With increase in income the increase in ratio between income & expenditure changesRatio less than 1
22National income is generated from.Productive activity
23The total value of good and service produced is a country during a given period isNational income
24Gross National Product - Depreciation =Net National Product
25National income means. 65292Net national product at factor cost
26National income estimates in India are prepared by.Central Statistical office (CSO)
27Net G.D.P is measured atFined Cost
28GDP is what percent of Fiscal deficit?4
29For short duration, when income increases, then normally average price consumption.Fluctuation is seen.
30Census of India agriculture is done byProduction method
31For First time National Income was estimated byDadabhai Naoroji
32Firstly Income Committee was established in1949
33National Income isNNP - Indirect tax + subsidy
34National income of a country isSum total of production
35Which among the following is not taken for calculating GNP by expenditure method?Depreciation
36Depreciation is equal toGNP - NNP
37National Income include72 0Construction of a new House
38National Income doesn't includeWinning of Lottery
39Transfer Payment includeGifts received form a friend
40Which agency is responsible for calculation of National Income in India?CSO
41Other name of Net National Product at market price?National Income
42Net National Product of a country isGNP - depreciation
43Compared to rich the poor savesA small part of their income
44Which organization collects data for the unorganized sector?NSSO
45One of the main factors that led to rapid expansion of Indian exports isLiberalization of the economy
46The distance of exclusive economic zone for any country from its coast is320 km
47Effect of 'Investment Multiplier' is shows onIncome
48GDP at factor cost equalsGDP - Indirect Tax subsidy
49Without insurance or uncertainity problem is -Change in fashion.
50Verghese Kurrien is related to - White Revolution


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