Friday, 28 April 2017


1Demand of Labour is calledDrived demand
2Horizontal demand shows relationBetweenrelatedproducts demand and price
3According to demand curve of any product, increase in demand in due toIncome
4Which factor is not responsible for shifting demand curve right side.Decrease in cost of production
5A supply function expresses relationship between.Price and Production
6Productive goods are called asInvestment goods
7When demand curve of any product is parallel to x-axis, then elasticity of demand will bePerfectly elastic
8Perfectly inelastic demand is equal toZero
9Exceptional Demand curve is that whichGoes upper towards right
10The supply of agricultural product isInelastic
11Price discrimination by monopolist's is done on the basis ofDemand elasticity
12If two products are complements, then their cross Price Elasticity will beNegative
13Refrigerator working at chemists shop is an example ofConsumer goods
14If A and B are complementary goods, then what will be effect if cost of A is increased?Demand of B will be decreased.
15Law of demand shows relationship between.Cost and demand
16If there is decrease in price of X, then demand of Y is also decreased, then X & Y are.Substitute goods
17Cross Elasticity of demand between Petrol and Car isNegative
18For Successful Price discrimination between two market, demand elasticity of production should be.Different
19Extension or contraction of quantity demanded of a product is a result of a change in theUnit price of the commodity.
20The main determinant of real wage is -Purchasing power of money.
21During period of inflation tax rate should.Increase
22Demand pull inflation is a condition ofExtra demand
23"Price Index" is measured by change inPurchasing power
24Inflation distributes money and Income in favour ofRich
25Presence of both higher rate of inflation and unemployment is calledStagflation
26Stagflation is a situation ofStagnation and inflation
27The relationship between the value of money and the price level is an economy is 72 0 65292Inverse
28Which one is not the measure taken by government to control inflation?Increase in consumption
29Who gets Minimum profit during inflation?Entrepreneurs
30The process of curing inflation by reducing money supply is called.Disinflation
31With increase in money supply then cost of goods and services will.Increase
32Inflation can be checked bySelling of government bonds
33When too much money is chasing too few goods, the situation is-Inflation
34Which is the best for any firm?Decrease in production
35Toothpaste is a product sold under.M o n o p o l i s t i c Competition
36Monopoly is related to-Capitalism
37In which market structure is the demand curve of the market is represented by demand curve of the firm?Monopoly
38Bilateral Monopoly refers to the market situation ofOne seller, one buyer.
39Under Monopoly the number of seller is-One
40Extreme forms of market are-Perfect Competition, Monopoly.
41Less number of firms in market is called as -Oligopoly
42New firms are not allowed in market with.Monopoly.
43The degree of monopoly power is to be measured in terms of the firms.Super normal profit
44In according to social view, the ideal production will occur in-Perfect Competition
45Under Perfect Competition, firms are generally-Cost taking
46Under perfect competition the balance of any firm is decided when.65292Marginal revenue = Marginal Cost
47Under Perfect Competition who is Price Acceptor.Firm.
48"Exchange of Commodities" between two countries means.Bilateral trade
49Selling cost is not included underPerfect Competition
50Now capital issue is placed atPrimary Market

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