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1Full form of SDR isState Drawing Rights
2In Post-Independence Period first economic reform was started in the government ofP.V. Narshingha Rao (1990)
3Oilseeds production Programme (OPP) was started in1990
4TRIMs Stands forTrade Related Investment Measures.
5FAO meansFood and Agriculture Organization
6GEF Nands forGlobal Environment fund
7Number of stages in trade cycle is?Fair
8Buying of shares and bonds of Indian companies by foreign institutions is called.Portfolio Investment
9Expenditure, taxation a loan taking policies of government are called as-Fiscal policy
10Deficit financing is an instrument ofFiscal policy
11Fiscal policy is related toReceiving and expenditure of govt.
12"Hire and Fire" is a policy of-Capitalist
13According to socialism who is the greatest enemy of society.Personal Property
14From national point of view, which of the following represent micro approach. 65292Study of selling of Tisco
15Expenditure on interest payment, subsidy, pension, social welfare is a part ofN o n -p l a n n e d expenditure
16Economic Support by government of India is given toProductive unit
17The Prominent factor responsible for division of contingency fund.Vulnerability
18FERA has been replaced byFEMA
19For which fund can the unanticipated expenditure be met without the prior approval of the parliament?72 0Contingency Fund of India
20Economic Survey of India is published byMinistry of Finance
21Government takes "Ways and Means advances" fromRBI
22Maximum Part of revenue of Indian railway comes from.Transport of goods
23Disinvestment in Public Sector is calledPrivatization
24The expenditure than has been made and cannot be recovered is called.Sunk cost
25Which cost has relation with lowest cost?Variable cost
26Prime cost equal to-Variable cost + Administrative cost
27Payment given to foreign by firms for using their goods and services are called.Explicit cost
28Balance of Cost determination in a market is done by.Equality in marginal cost and marginal revenue
29Marginal Cost equal toÄ Total Cost Ä output
30The additional to total cost by producing an additional unit of output by a firm is called.Marginal Cost
31Balanced cost meansQuantity of demand and supply is equal
32For production minimum payment is called.Wages
33Explicit + Implicit cost =Economic cost
34The opportunity cost of a factor of production isWhat it can earn in some other use
35When average cost of production decreases then marginal cost of productionLess than average cost
36Consumption of inferior goods decreases when-Income increases
37For a good --------negative income elasticity and positive price elasticity of demand, then the good is-Giffen good
38Goods which are either for consumption or for investment are called-Final goods
39In capitalist economy, price value is determined by.Demand & Supply
40Discuss about giffen and inferior good.Giffen goods are also inferior goods
41Group consumption means-Consumption by people of country.
42In respect to inferior good, price elasticity of demand is -Negative
43Elasticity expressed by formula 1>e>o is -Relatively inelastic.
44When there is no change in demand, with large change in price then such type of demands are called.Perfectly inelastic
45With other factor Constant, the demand of any product is decreased by. 72 0 65292Increase in price of that product
46Law of demand is good onCustomer's preference
47According to "Law of Demand", "quantity of demand increases"With decrease in price.
48"Law of market" was propounded byJ.B. Say
49"Law of Market" propounded by J.B. Say was not acceptable toMalthus
50The demand of factor of production is called.Derived Demand

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