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1To which form of economy is the term "Laissez-faire" associated.Capitalist economy
2Who propounded "Revealed Preference Theory"P.A. Samuellson
3Social Accounting system in India is classified intoIncome, Product and expenditure
4In an economy, the sectors are classified into public and private on the basis of 0 65292Ownership of enterprises
5Production of a commodity mostly through the natural process is an activity ofPrimary Sector
6Rent is a cost paid forLand
7Who propounded Dynamic theory of Profit?Clark
8Innovation theory of Profit was propounded by?Schumpeter
9Who said development a "Creative destruction" under capitalism?Schumpeter
10Prof. Milton Freedman was the leader of?Sehicago School
11Due to worldwide great depression, 'New Deal' was declared by?Roozwelt
12Relationship between rate of interest and consumption level was firstly estimated by 72Milton Freedman
13Surplus earned by a factor other thus land in the short period is referred asQuasi-rent
14Labour intensive Technique would get chosen in aLabour Surplus Economy
15Word "Oikonomia" meansHouse hold Balance
16Which type of workers are called as cultivatorsWho works on other's land
17Amartya Sen was awarded the Noble prize for his contribution toEconometrics
18Views of eminent economist Robert Malthus on Population isPessimistic
19Indian Economy is an example ofMixed Economy
20According to whom second chamber is unnecessary & bad?Bentham
21Theory of "Maximum Social Theory" for Public finance was given byDelton
22Time clement in price discrimination was started byAlfred Marshall
23Maximum depression was observed in which duration?1929-34
24The process of organizing business-pact between group of countries is called asTrading block
25What is mean by favourable. Balance of Trade.Less import than export
26"Price Index" is measured by change in which of the following-Purchasing power of money
27'Gold' is mainly related to-International market
28"Gold Bullion Standard" is related to -To check that there is no tariff on import & export of gold
29Firstly SEZ was situated in-India
30Full form of SEZ -Special Economic Zone
31The purpose of SEZ in India to -Increase FDI
32India started to export electricity toBangladesh
33Which among the UN council has not accepted Euro?Sweden
34Trade Policy includeExport Import Policy
35Goods - Exchange meansExchange of goods with goods
36Free trade Means-Unrestricted exchange of goods and services
37Which is the feature of "Free Market"72 0 65292Superiority of Consumer
38Pegging up of a currency means, deciding value of money atHighest stage
39World Trade Organization was established in1995
40WTO promotesMultinational trade
41WTO was earlier known asGATT
42Inter nation trade is controlled byWTO
43The practice of selling goods in a foreign country at a price below their domestic selling price is called.Dumping
44Money / Investment is an example ofFloating Capital
45For any product, balance of market is decided byVarious forces operating between demand and supply.
46Export of Jawellery and ornament for India is maximum withUSA
47For import of which product, India spends largest.Raw petroleum
48The government resorts to devaluation of it currency in order to promoteExports
49Difference between visible exports and visible imports is called asBalance of trade
50The system of "Memorandum of Understandings" (MoU) was introduced in1987-88

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