Friday, 28 April 2017


1One Rupee notes are issued byIndian Government
2Who is responsible for issuing of one rupee coin in India?Finance Ministry
3Whose signature is done on one rupee note?Finance Secretary
4Interest rates are decided byLiquidity Preference
5Decimal Money System was started in?1957
6Aggregate Monetary resource isM3
7Minimum to Maximum reserved deposits in RBI by Commercial Banks in CalledExcess reserve
8Cash Reserve Ratio is determined byCentral Banks
9Remedy Finance is done byRBI
10Cash Reserve Ratio and open Market Operation are the tools ofMonetary Policy
11In E-banking, 'E' tax do forElectronic banking
12Liquidity Preference meansHolding assets in the form of cash
13The Permission given to a bank customer to draw cheques in excess of his current account balance is called.An overdraft
14RBI does not transact the business of which state government?Nagaland
15Who was appointed as governor of RBI After Dr. Y.V. Reddy?Shri D. Subbarao
16RBI issues currency notes under theFixed Minimum Reserve system
17'Hard Currency' isA currency not easy to access
18Financial Year of RBI is fromJuly to June
19Cheap money meansLow rate of interest
20A Schedule Bank in one which is included in theII Schedule of RBI act
21Monetary system in India is regulated byRBI
22When money supply increases the LM curve?Shift towards right
23Monetary Policy is maintained byRBI
24Largest Commercial Bank of India isSBI
25Highest branches of Indian Bank is inUK
26A part of National Debt known as External dept is the amount.Borrowed by its government from abroad
27When there is effect on economic activity of an specific country due to import and export, then such economy are called-72 0 65292Open economy
28Worldwide great depression happens in which year-1929
29Preparing butter and ghee for household consumption of own family is a part ofOwn Account Production
30"Economics is what it ought to be". This statement refers to-Normative economics
31In an economy capital formation depends upon.Total saving
32The best example of capital intensive industry in India is-Steel industry
33Removal of prohibitions and hindrance by government is called.Liberalisation
34In an economy "development stage" means-Starting of steadily increasing economy
35The tree like structure of records in a database in-Hierarchical model
36Who said that for short duration price consumption is constant.Kenz
37According to Kenz consumption function shows relation between.Total consumption and Total income
38The concept of labour division was supported by-Smith
39In interest in infrastructure is less because.Profit is gained after large time.
40"World Bank" is also called as -I n t e r n a t i o n a l reorganized & development bank
41What will happen if labour productivity is increased?Labour demand curve will shift towards right
42Water consumption is minimum isThermal power
43In Socialistic economy all the factor of production are owned and controlled byGovernment
44Socialism is successful in achievingExcess socialistic approach in society
45The capital of IMF is made up by the contribution ofMember nations
46The term "Micro Economics" and "Macro Economics" was coined byRagner Frisch
47"Micro" and "Macro" words was firstly used byRagner Frisch
48Who is Known as "Father of Economics"Adam Smith
49Economics by "Kautilya" is related withPolitical reign
50"Economics is the science of Wealth" the above statement is given byAdam Smith

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