Friday, 28 April 2017


1Which sector of the economy is state owned and its service sector is a public enterprise?Irrigation
2In which sector is 70% of working population of India engaged?Primary sector
3The small and marginal farmers will get irrigation facilities through which plan?Ganga Kalyan Yojna
4In recent years, how have the capital outlays for the defence service?Increasing steadily
5The levying of which following taxe is outside the jurisdiction of Municipal Corporation? 0 65292Income Tax
6Which is the most important item of non-plan expenditure?Interest payment
7What is the main objective of Antyodaya programme?Uplift the poor
8In which year Swarn Jayanti Gram Swa-Rozgar Yojna came into being?Apr-99
9Who is the author of the book 'A bend in the River'?V.S. Naipaul
10By which is National income of India compiled?72Central Statistical Organisation
11Who wrote the book "A nation in the making"?Surendranath Banerjee
12If saving exceeds investment, how will the national income?Remain constant
13By whom was the clarion call 'Dilli Chalo' was given?Subhash Chandra Bose
14In how many adhikaranas is the Kautilya's 'Arthashastra'divided?15
15Economic Planning is a subject of which list?Union List
16By which ministry is Economic survey published?Ministry of Finance
17Which is the 193rd member of UNO?South Sudan
18On which do Companies pay Corporation Tax?Incomes
19By which is National income of India compiled?Central Statistical Organisation
20United nations adopted a charter of Economic Rights in which year?1974
21On which day is the budget, in normal circumstances, presented to the Parliament?The last day of February
22When was the Rolling plan designed?1978-83
23Which organization was established as the Bretton Woods Conference in 1944?IMF
24As per latest data in urban areas women employment is highest in which industry areas?Retail Trade
25On which do Companies pay Corporation Tax?Incomes
26Manav Seva Award has been instituted in the memory of which person?Rajiv Gandhi
27Who sings on ten rupee notes? 65292Governor (Reserve Bank of India)
28When was the decimal system of currency introduced in India?1957
29What is the investment in public works?Capital expenditure
30Which product is the export leading from India in the terms of value?Gems and Jwellery
31Which industry does not earn foreign exchange for India?Fertilizers
32Where is the Securities and Exchange Board of India located?Mumbai
33Why is Poverty in less developed countries largely?Due to income inequality
34Who is most benefitted from inflation?Debtors
35Survey of India is under which ministry?Environment and Forest Ministry
36From which sector is the largest contribution in India's National Income?Tertiary sector
37Who gave the slogan 'Inquilab Zindabad'?Iqbal
38What are "Open Market Operations"?72 0Selling of giltedged securities by the Government
39Which is the 'Slack Season' in the Indian Economy?Jan.-June
40What is the number of plant species estimated to be present in India?40,000
41On which bast is the India's wage policy?Cost of living
42Which can be used for checking inflation temporarily?Decrease in money supply
43What does real national income denote?National income at constant prices
44Under VAT, how many slabs are there?4
45What is the cause of inflation?Increase in money supply and fall in production
46Who is the author of the book 'Nineteen Eighty Four'?George Orwell
47Who is most benefitted from inflation?Debtors
48Who is the author of the best seller book 'No Full stops in India'?Mark Tully
49In the realm of coal production in the world, what is the rank of india?Fourth
50Which has the largest number of sugar mills?Maharashtra

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