Friday, 28 April 2017


1How many valve sets are found in human-4
2First success heart transplantation done by-C.N. Banard
3E.C.G. represent the activity of-Heart
4The science which deal study of heart and its disease known asCardiology
5How much average heart beat occurs in per minute in human.72 time
6Heart attack occur due to-Low amount blood carries to the heart
7Nervous is-Basic unit of Nerous system
8How many bones found in human skeletal or body.206
9In human body longest bone is-Femur
10In human skeletal examination is generally done for-Internal age
11How many muscles are found in our body.656
12How many no of skeletal muscle found700
13What is the hard animal layer of teeth.Calcium Hydroxy apetite
14Which is part of elephant convert in from of elephant teeth-Secondary teeth
15Which part of growing part of elephant teath-0 65292Upper teath
16Average weight of human brain about-1.36 kg
17Which are contraitile protein in any muscle-Actin and myosin
18In which following muscular organism do not have exo-sketeton-Amphibea
19In which following have maximum no of ribs-Snake
20Odontology is branch of sicence, it study relocated to-Teegh
21Windom molar is-Third molar
22Oesleoayte found inBone
23Know plats is onther name of -Ptela none
24Tranverse coloy is part of-Large intestine
25Occupital is region which found-Skull
26Deficiency of vitamin - B6 cause in mole.....Anemia
27Ricketis is vitamin deficient disease, which body part is affect due to its.Bone
28In children which causes disease due to vitamin -D.Rickets
29Which deficiency cause bending of bone of child-Vitamin - D
30Vitamin D is important for-Absorption of calcium from food
31Which types of vitamin fastly synthesize in body.Vitamin - D
32By which prove firstly presence of cobalt in B12.Sodium nitroperoxide test
33The study of medieive and it work is known as-Pharmacology
34In which found in tobacco-Nicotine
35Which disease occurs due to deficiency of iron?Goiter
36In which following less amount caused anemia-Hemoglobin
37Iron deficiency cause-Anemia
38Which vitamin deficencent due to washing of pecledegetable-C
39Scurvy disease caused the deficiency of -Vitamin - C
40In which rich source of vitamin - C-Citrus fruit
41What caused by deficiency of vitamin - CScurvy
42Which is another name of vitamin - CAslorbic acid
43Which in following caused by vitamin B deficiency?Beri-Beri
44Which metal is important component of vitamin B12-Cobalt
45In vitamin B12 which metal ion present -Cobalt
46Which vitamin cause Hypoerytheroposis-Vitamin B12
47In which following vitamin prevent or resist from infection in Human body?Vitamin - A
48Vitamin - E is generally important for - 0 65292General health of epithelial cissue.
49In which following help in blood cloathing or coagulationK
50In which following protein cause blood clothing-Fibrogen

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