Tuesday, 25 April 2017


1Lactional hormone release from the-Pituitary
2Where pituitary gland found in body-In base of the brain
3In which following glands regulate the body temperature or thermoregulatory.Hypothalamus
4Which is center of human body regulate angry, water balance and body temperature-Hypothalamus
5Which gland of human body regulates the recreation of the hormone of pituitary gland? 65292Hypothalamus gland
6In which following notact both exorend and endocrine gland-Pitutary gland
7In human body largest heteroclite gland as-Pancreas
8In mammal largest gland found-Liver
9In body which largest endocrine gland-Thyroid
10In which following endocrine gland found in neck?Thyroid
11When one or single gene control the more than one character then its known as - 0Pleiotropic
12Who discovered insulin-A.F. Bating
13Which is the example of hormone, heat in form of protein-Oxytocin
14In which gland in human body, which related to excitement of body.Adernal cortex
15During excitement, which hormone release higher amount-Aderline
16This is male sex hormone.Testestrone
17In which following known as emergency hormoneAdernile
18Which secreation from the corpus lutcum-Progestron
19Production of growth hormone is occurs.By Pituitary gland
20Grave disease occurs due toHyper secretion of thyroid
21Which is pepsin releasing cells of stomach-Main cells
22In Human throat, which is known a adem's apple-Thyroid cartilage
23During single Menstural cycle generally the no of mature egg.1
24In which following deficiency causes Goiture-Iodine
25Which is caused by deficiency of iodine-Goiter
26Iodine ness salt is usefull for-For activity of thyroid gland
27Pigment which given colour to Human body-Melanin
28A.C.T. hormone release by-From pituitary gland
29Diabetes mellitus occur due to lack synthesis of hormone-Insuline
30Functional unit of Kidney is-Nephron
31In which following is responsible for water balance in human body.Kidney
32In which following main excretory waste uric acid-Sparrow
33During dehydration which is deficient in body-Sodium chloride
34Medium which increasing the urine secretion-Duretic
35Abnormal component of urine is-Albumin
36In which following to the abnormal component of Urine-Kitone body
37Allantois of foctus is help in-Exereation
38In which following argan, which exereate water, fat and defferent watbe (catabolic) 0 65292Kidney
39In hemichordate excreation take place by the-Malphigion tubule
40Weight of heart of healthy adult human is -300 gm
41Heart not have-Voluntary muscle
42Rheumatic heart treated with help of-Aspirin
43For a healthy heart of resson taken balance diet, proper sleep and-Proper bad meditation
44The Heart bet rate of adult human is -70-80 per minute
45"Murmur" of heart is occurs due to following reason-Abnormal valve
46What is cause of murmur of heart-Disorder f value
47Heart working is -Transportation of blood to different
48Which vien carry pure blood from the Hengs-Plumonary vein
49In which following known a pace-maker of heart.SA node
50How many chamber of heart found in human-Four

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