Tuesday, 25 April 2017


1The normal level of blood sugar in per 100 ml blood is-80-100 mg
2What is amount of glucose in mg/100 ml level in empty stomach?60
3The pH of Human blood is-7.4
4Normal amount of blood in adult human is -Five liter
5What is percentage amount of total density of plasma present in human blood-55
6Anemia occurs due to-Serum
7Anemia occurs due to-Folic acid
8For prevention of bleading generally which aluminum ions used.Potass alum
9In which is chromo protein.Hemoglobin
10Which is related to Christmas feature:-Blood clot
11Hemo-Cymph is seen in-Arthropoda
12In which following is the life span of RBC in human?120 day
13The average life span of RBC is-100-120 days
14Blood circulation in blood vessesl of earthworm occurs.Poterior
15Liver is rich sources of:-Fat soluble Vitamin
16Vegetable are spoil because they contain rich amount of -Water
17In which following organs convert glycogen into glucose and purifier blood.Liver
18Table carbohydrate, is the kende of sugar.Sucrose
19The rich source of food protein is-Soybean and Ground nut
20In which following is a fiber protein-Kerotein
21Which tissue form feather, toes and horns-Keratein
22In which following substance resistance the skin layer from the waterKeroten
23In which following heavy metal toxiety cause liver's cause liver's resosisCopper
24Lemon is sour due to-Citric Acid
25In which following is not uses of saliva-This increase KBC in boely.
26Saliva help digestion of -Fat
27Mouth saliva release and digest -0 65292Mund (Starch)
28In which following part cross the digestion and respiratory pipe-Throut
29Corn is a rich source of-Starch
30Milk converts into cogulated milk or curd with help of enzyme.Rennin
31Which is of cause yellowish colour of cow milk-Carotene
32Today milk not consider balance diet because it don't contain-Iron and Vitamin C
33Sour milk contain -Lactic acid
34In which following known as destruction site of RBCSphleen
35Largest organ of human body is-Liver
36In bone and teeth which chemical substance is found-Calcium of phosphate
37In which following not release digestive enzyme-Liver
38Other then carbohydrate, which is important source of energy in our food-Fat
39Human body mostly get energy from of vegetation energy in form ofCarbohydrate
40In our body in which following given energy-Carbohydrate
41For instanent energy, which is following given is athletes:-Carbohydrate
42In milk following pair of protein and carbohydrate found-Caesin, laetose
43Fruit are sweat in test due-Fruitose
44In which following is a sweetest sugar-Fructose
45Involve in animal food-Cellulose
46In our body, fat present below to skin, which resist from-Loss of body heat
47Iodine is used for determination of-Oil in Unsaturation
48In which following is known as "capital assets" of cell-Nucleic acid
49Nitrogen is the important compound of-Protein
50In which following release sex hormone.-Adernal gland

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